RJ45 Coupler Ethernet Lan Cable Connector (1 Pack)

Ethernet Coupler is designed for extending network connection by connecting 2 LAN cables together, ideal for network workstations, printers and other inter-networking devices. (1 Pack)

Brand : UGREEN
SKU : 20391
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Thunder Protection

This RJ45 connector is built with thunder and protection, which makes it the best choice for protecting customers who use LAN cable outdoors away from danger.

High Data Transmission

Support speed up to 10 gigabits for connecting cat 7 cat 6 cables, and also backward compatible with cat 5e cords.

Quality Material

With Gold plated contacts and easy snap-in retaining clip, the LAN network keystone provides a secure and corrosion free connection.

Wide Compatibility

Ideal for network cards, terminals, hubs, MAUs, LAN devices, suitable for cables with RJ45 connectors such as LAN cable, network cable, Ethernet cable, patch cords.


Can i use this to join two 30m long cat7 cables and still maintain the full speed that cat7 delivers?
Can this be used to join POE (power over Ethernet) cables?
Do these have an earthing cable attachment for the lightning protection?

What´s in the box

1 x RJ45 Ethernet Lan Coupler