RV Living Cost Breakdown: A Comprehension Guide for Beginners

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The idea of RV living is increasing day by day. There are a lot of people who don't like the concept of traditional living and want some adventure in life. For such people, RV living can be a fantastic option.  As fun as RV living seems, there can be a lot of challenges that a person might face. The first and most crucial challenge is the RV living cost

Understanding the RV living cost can be very hard because there are different factors that can impact it. If you are curious to know everything about RV living costs, then this article is just for you. This is a detailed breakdown of different things that will affect the RV living cost. So, let's get into the article and have a look at it. 

RV Living Cost Breakdown:

Many people have the concept that RV living is very simple and easy. However, this is not the case. Even though RV living can be liberating, it is not at all free. You must know what is RV living cost.  

1. Gas and Propane:

The first thing that you need to consider for the RV living cost is the gas. When you are living in an RV, you need to know that you can easily spend about $500 a month on fuel. If your RV uses propane, then you might have to pay about $50 to $100 per month. 

The fuel, gas, and propane cost is one of the most significant expenses you will see when calculating RV living costs. Also, you need to understand that these prices might fluctuate when there are changes in the fuel cost. 

2. Campsites and RV Parking Fees:

Another thing that comes in the RV living cost breakdown is the campsite fees. This includes the prices for the RV parking, dumps, water usage, and electric fees. Now the campsite fee depends on the type of comfort you want. People who don't want to pay a lot opt for simple campsites where you won't have a lot of facilities. However, there are people who like to stay in fancy RV parking spots where they get the comfort of home. 

3. Food:

Food is also a factor that will affect the RV living cost. However, in most cases, this cost would be the same as you were living in a traditional household. This means you will cook food in an RV, dine out occasionally, and spend money on gorgerins. But it is essential to know that this can add up to hundreds of dollars depending on the amount of people you feed and the amount of food and can affect the RV living cost. 

4. Repair and Maintenance:

Like any other car, the RV needs proper maintenance and repair. It is seen that these vehicles might need more as compared to a simple car because this is not only a car but also a house for you. Oil changes, filter replacements, breaks, tires, and RV cleaning are some of the more expensive things that need to be done periodically to ensure that the RV can function adequately on the road and is comfortable for you to live in. So, this is also important to keep in mind for RV living cost. 

5. Electricity:

Usage of electricity will also be added to your RV living cost. This can depend on the state in which you are living and the amount of energy you are using. However, in most of the situations, about $77 per month can be spent on this. 

6. Insurance:

Insurance is also one of the most significant costs that you need to consider when making an RV living cost plan. There are different types of insurance that you might need. Below are the two primary insurances you should have if you live in an RV. 

Vehicle Insurance: Having vehicle insurance can be very beneficial. It can help cover any liability that might happen in the future. The insurance can be different as it can depend on the state you are living in, the type and age of the RV, and the usage of the RV. In most cases, people spend $800 to $1000 annually on these vehicle insurances. So you must include this in RV living cost. 

Health Insurance: You also need to have good health insurance so that it can cover the expenses if anything happens in the future. There are insurances that are especially for people who live in an RV. When it comes to health insurance, the cost might depend on the plans that you are choosing. Most basic health insurance is around $400 per month per person, and if you want family health insurance, it can cost you around $ 1,000 per person which needs to be put in RV living cost. 

7. Phone and Internet Plan:

In this world where everything is done digitally now, it is crucial to have a phone and internet plan for your RV living cost. You can go for a Wi-Fi system, satellite internet, or even a cellular plan. Pick something that suits your requirements and will help you complete all your tasks efficiently. It is seen that, on average, people pay about $50 to $100 per month on the type of internet plan they are using. 

8. Entertainment:

Like living in your home, people living in RVs might want to go to movies, outdoor activities, or just dine in for food. Considering this in the RV living cost is essential because you can spend about $50 to $100 per month on the entertainment part. 

9. Other Services Cost (laundry, mail, tolls, pet)

Depending on your lifestyle, there might be extra things that can change the RV living cost. If you have a pet, then you need to add its food, vet cost, and other items to the plans. If you want to get the laundry done, you have to add that cost. Therefore, this all depends on your and your family's needs. 

How Much Does RV Living Cost Per Month?

When it comes to RV living costs per month, it highly depends on the family and the person's needs. There are so many things that might be important for some people but might not be necessary for others that can impact the RV living cost. The RV living cost also depends on the amount of people who are living and the type of lifestyle they have. 

Some families eat less food; some might not need entertainment services such as Netflix, YouTube, or other subscriptions. There are families who do not travel a lot in RVs, so their fuel consumption is less. All these things can impact the budget and the RV living cost you make. 

If we have to take an average when it comes to RV living cost, then we would say it can cost you around $2500 to $5000 per month. However, this can change your needs and how much you like to spend every month. The RV living cost and expenses include insurance, food, gas, your entitlement, phone and internet bill, and other similar things. 

It is essential that you keep in mind that if you have an RV loan or any other kind of loan, you also add that to your monthly expenses. This will allow you to make a proper budget, and you will understand if the RV living cost is something that you can bear or not. 

Reference 1

Campsite rental


Electric, water, cable, Wi-Fi, propane


Insurance (RV, car, health) – $250




Car (fuel and maintenance)








Reference 2

RV Site




Groceries/Eating Out




RV Maintenance


RV Insurance



$1,500-$3,050 ($2,275 on average)

Reference 3

Expense Category

Our Budget

Gas and Propane


Campsite Fees


RV (+tow vehicle) loan


RV (+tow vehicle) insurance


Food (Groceries + Restaurants)


Repairs and Maintenance


Personal Insurance


Phone & Internet


Entertainment & Netflix




Factors Affecting RV Park Rates:

Now that you know the different things that are present in the RV living cost and for every person, the cost can be additional, it is time that you understand the different factors that can affect it. It is very crucial that you take an account of these factors as it will give you a better understanding of the RV living cost. 

⭕Length of Stay:

The amount of time you are willing to stay at a place can significantly impact spending and RV living costs. According to the rule of thumb, it is seen that if you stay longer at one place, you get better rates for parking. It is really good for people who want to explore more in the area they are visiting. 

The stay can also be arranged if you want to be saved from the extreme weather. Special seasonal RV parks allow people budget-friendly plans to park their RVs and avail of all the essential amenities. Another great thing about long-term RV parks is that you also get different activities that a family can enjoy which. 

Now you might be thinking, how much do you have to spend in the RV parking spaces, and what are the rates? We have divided the rates according to a person's stay, making it easier to understand to make the right RV living cost. 

Nightly Rates:

If you plan to spend one night in an RV park, your fee might range from $20 to $100 depending on the things you avail. 

Weekly Rates:

The weekly rates can also be very high compared to the long-term ones. Most commonly, people have to pay around $250 to $700 plus per week for parking and the different services they need. 

Monthly Rates:

As mentioned above, the long-term rates are far more beneficial as compared to nightly or weekly rates. This is because there are different plans that the campgrounds offer, which are fantastic for your wallets, and you will be able to save a lot of money. Some RV parks might charge for the electricity separately, but still rounding it off will make it beneficial for you. In most cases, the monthly rates are around $500 to $2000 plus. 

If you spend $250 per week, you must spend about $1000 monthly. However, if you take the monthly package, you will be able to save the spot for yourself, and you don't even have to pay extra seasonal rates that the parks offer during the summers which can save you money on RV living cost. 

Seasonal Rates:

A lot of different RV park lots also give seasonal rates, which can be very beneficial. In most cases, if you want to avail the seasonal rates, then you need to stay for three to six months at the parking lot. However, the longer you stay, the better discount you will get. When it comes to the seasonal rates, they can range from $300 to $1800 per month. 

Yearly Rates:

In many cases, when the people in an RV have a permanent job or want to stay permanently in one area, the early packages can be the best thing for them. Their yearly rates are very affordable and will save you a lot of bucks. The prices for the annual rates can range from $3600 to $20000 yearly. 

⭕RV Types and Size:

The type of RV that you own will also be an essential factor in the RV park's rates and RV living cost. They check the type of RV that you have. If you have back in or pull through RV, the charges will be different. If your RV has no slides, slides on both sides or one slide, this will also determine the rate that you will be getting. 

If you have a larger RV, you will need a larger space to park it, which means your charges will be higher than a person who owns a small RV. All of this is important when you are trying to understand the RV living cost. Therefore, if you want cheaper prices for the parks, then it would be best to have a smaller RV compared to a larger RV. 

⭕Picking the Right Location:

The location of the RV park is also something that will affect the prices and the final RV living cost you will be getting. If you are getting a long-term campsite, then you need to check the prices and the amenities that you will get. You need to pick a place which offers reasonable prices, and also you can find all the important things around. 

Look for grocery centers around the place, if good food is available, if there is a hospital dentist in the area that accepts your insurance plans, and other things. You also need to keep your hobbies in mind too. If you like fishing or hiking, find the RV parks that allow you to do all these activities without traveling. This is another thing that can affect RV living cost. 

How to Save RV Living Costs?

Since we are talking about the RV living cost, it would be fair if we tell you some easy ways through which you can save some money on your RV living cost. Following are some of the things that you can incorporate into your life, and it will make you save some bucks. 

Tips 1 - Using Solar Generators:

Getting solar generators for your RV's is one of the best things that you can do. The solar generator and the RV living cost can dramatically reduce your electricity cost. One of the best solar generators is the UGreen solar power generator. These solar generators are very efficient and can be used to operate different machines such as TVs, coffee makers, CPAP machines, and a lot of other things. The best thing is that with this help you can lead a comfortable and peaceful life without spending all your money on electricity bills.

Ugreen PowerRoam 1200 Solar Generator:

One of the best solar generators that you can find in the market is the UGreen PowerRoam 1200 Solar Generator. This type of generator offers you 1200W and has a capacity of 1024 Wh. You will be getting about 120 volts (AC), which means you can easily use the major appliances like your coffee maker, refrigerators, and all the other important things. 

ugreen 1200W solar generator

With this generator, you will have 13 ports that include USB-A ports, USB-C ports, Car/DC Outlets, and AC outlets. All of this makes it very convenient to use and put it with different appliances so that they work correctly. The solar generator is about 13.4 x 8.7 x 10.6 inches, which makes it very compact and easy to store. With 25.4 pounds, it will also be easy to carry from one place to another. 

ugreen 1200W solar generator

Ugreen PowerRoam 1200 Solar Generator

Mini Fridge (45W)

19 hours

Electric Grill (1000W)

0.8 hours

Air Pump (130W)

6.5 hours

Kettle (1500W)

0.6 hours

Phone (12Wh)

72 times

Speaker (28W)

31 hours

Microwave (700W)

1.2 hours

Coffee Maker (1000W)

0.8 hours

Refrigerator (360W)

6.2 hours

CPAP (40W)

21 hours

TV (105W)

8.2 hours

Lightbuld (8W)

108 hours

Electric Drill (1200W)

43 minutes

Electric Nailgun (1500W)

34 minutes

Electric Chainsaw (1440W)

36 minutes

Miter Saw (1200W)

43 minutes

Ugreen PowerRoam 1200 Solar Generator


1024 Wh




Total 13

2 USB-A Ports(22.5W Each)

2 USB-C Ports(100W Each)

3 Car/DC Outlets(120W Total)

6 AC Outlets(1200W Total)


‎120 Volts (AC)

Engine Type

4 Stroke

AC Full Recharging

1.5 Hours

Product Dimensions

‎13.4 x 8.7 x 10.6 inches

Item Weight

‎‎25.4 pounds

Power Source

AC Powered, Solar Powered, Car Powered

Special Feature

‎Portable, LiFePO4 Batteries, Fast Charging, Smart APP

Tip 2 - Setting a Budget:

Another thing that will help you with saving when you are living in an RV is setting a budget. Make a proper list of everything that includes your grocery budget, entertainment pricing, fuel, and all the other essential things. 

Once you have made a budget, it is crucial that you keep an eye on it. You don't want to start spending extra money on one category and disturbing your monthly budget. Also, if you save money at the end of the month, it would be best to keep it for emergencies instead of spending it all, and you will know what is affecting the RV living cost. 

Tip 3 - Planning the Trip in Advance:

It would be best if you plan your trip in advance. This will allow you to find good camping sites at reasonable rates. Other than this, you will also be able to find discounts and coupons that you can use to save a few pennies and manage the RV living cost. 

Tip 4 - Finding the Low-Cost Camping Grounds:

If you're making the RV living cost and want to save money, finding low-cost RV parks is a good option. There are some RV parks that offer discounts and packages so that you don't have to spend a lot of money and make a reasonable RV living cost budget. Also, there are free campsites that you can look into. 

Tip 5 - Stay for Longer Duration:

As mentioned, staying longer at one campsite is much more beneficial as compared to changing them all the time. When you are staying for longer durations, such as months or even years, you get a lot of different discounts that will help you save a lot of cash. There are special packages for people who are living for months or years at one parking space that can, and in the end, you will be paying far less as compared to spending on a daily basis for a parking spot. 

Tip 6 - Doing Offseason Camping:

One of the main things you can do to reduce RV living costs is to book the campgrounds or sites during the offseason. Trust us, this will save you a lot of money and not only this you will get a lot of benefits like you will have smaller lines for the attractions. You will also have a lot less crowd around you, making it peaceful to spend your time and live there. 

Tip 7 - Looking for Free Overnights:

There are a lot of times when the Rvers want to stop for a night when traveling to another location. There are a lot of places that allow them to stay overnight without any fee or parking money. There are grocery stores such as Walmart, Costco, and other sites. Casinos also will enable the RV to park in the parking lot; national parks and other parks allow to park the RV without paying. 

This means there are a lot of places where you can spend the night without paying anything and keeping some money on the RV living cost plan. However, it is essential to know you can't stay permanently at these places. 


RV living can be very fun for people who like travelling a lot or wants to live a nomadic life. However, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration before making this transition. One main thing that you should know about is the RV living cost. You should know what are the things that can increase your expenditure and the ways through which you can reduce the RV living cost. We hope this article was beneficial for you in understanding the things that will affect the RV living cost.