Why does my phone get hot while charging? Prevent it with 7 tips

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Have you started noticing that your phone, which previously worked pretty well, has now started heating up whenever you leave it plugged in on the socket for the battery to charge up? Well, if this is the case, then we are sure that you must be worried as to why it started happening, right?

Well, let us inform you that a mobile phone getting hot while charging is a common issue, and you aren't the first person who has encountered it. However, taking measures to understand why it happens and how you can prevent it is essential. So, if you are wondering, why does my phone get hot while charging? Hop on below to seek the answer.

Reasons Why Your Phone Gets Hot When Charging

A phone getting hot while on charge is a relatively common issue, and there isn't just one reason as to why it happens. In fact, there are truckloads of causes that can lead to this common occurrence. If you are someone who is wondering that why does my phone get hot while charging, and want to narrow down all the reasons for it, we have them listed below for you:

#1 Overcharging

The maximum capacity of your phone to charge it is 100%. While some phones, like the latest updates in iPhones, tend to stop charging when it comes to the maximum capacity, other phones continue to feed in power to the batteries even when they are at their fullest. So, with the full charge, where would this excess power go? Nowhere, of course, and it will cause your device to heat up only.

#2 Fast Charging

Fast chargers are another factor that causes your phone to heat up. This is because when charging fast, your device tends to draw in power from the charger quickly. As a result of this, a lot of heat is generated, which causes the phone to heat up. Hence, even if you have a fast charger, you must use an adapter with a high-voltage amp to tone down the heating.

#3 Poor Ventilation

Imagine a room that doesn't have any space for air to pass through; what would happen? It will heat up, right? Your phone is similar to this enclosed room and needs enough space or ventilation around it when charging to help release the heat that is generated by the phone's internal components. If proper ventilation or circulation is not provided, your device will heat up.

#4 Poor Quality Cables and Chargers

poor quality cables and chargers

Low-quality chargers and cables are another factor that adds to the list of reasons for your question about phone overheating. Low-quality or substandard chargers will lose efficient energy conversion during the charging process, which will take longer to complete the charging, resulting in a large amount of heat. This heat not only causes the phone to heat up, but also may damage the phone's battery.

If you use a charger that is not designed for your phone specifically, it can also be a reason why your phone is heating up.

#5 Overusing Phones when Charging

Many people have adopted a really bad habit of constantly using their phones. This means that even when their phone is on charge, they tend to use it often. Constantly using your phone when it is on charge is one of the primary reasons why your phone might overheat. This is because the excessive usage of the phone when it is charging can put stress on the battery, which then can lead to it overheating.

#6 Aging Batteries

A mobile phone is a device that has an efficient working battery. However, like all other batteries, the batteries of mobile phones tend to degrade over time as well. Hence, another possible reason why your phone might be overheating is probably because your battery has come to its life's end and might need repair.

What Can Happen if Your Phone Always Overheats?

If your phone continues to overheat, what could happen? Well, if this is another one of your queries, let us answer it for you as well:

#1 Permanent Battery Damage 

If you do not take measures to control your phone's excessive overheating, it can lead to a permanent damage effect on the battery. This can reduce the battery's lifespan and its capacity as well.

#2 Reduced Charging Efficiency

When your device continues to get hot, its charging efficiency decreases tremendously, too. This means that the hotter your device will be, the slower it will charge the battery.

#3 Rapid Degradation of Components

Your phone is an accumulation of small components all running together to provide the best results. However, excessive heat can damage these components without the phone, which causes them to degrade quicker than they should.

#4 Poor Performance Display

You may have noticed that when your phone heats up, it directly impacts its performance as well. An overheated phone tends to cause problems with lagging and freezing, and hence, you should take measures to prevent this, or else it can lead to more damage.

How Can You Keep Your Phone Cool When on Charge?

Now that you know all the reasons why your phone tends to heat up and the possible outcomes that can happen if you do not prevent it, we are sure you must now be wondering how you can keep your phone cool when it's on charge, right? Well, lucky for you we have a few methods listed below:

#1 Do Not Overcharge

As we mentioned above, overcharging is one of the most common reasons why your phone overheats. Hence, it is essential to prevent this particular factor by making sure that you charge your phone as long as it's necessary and unplug it as soon as it is full. This will help ensure that no damage to the battery occurs.

#2 Purchase High-Quality Chargers and Cable

Charging docks and cables also play a significant role in ensuring that your phone remains cool when on charge. Hence, instead of purchasing cheap docks and chargers, it is essential to invest in good quality ones the first time alone. This will help ensure that your phone charges efficiently without overheating.

Choosing chargers and cables from a reputable brand such as Ugreen is more secure. These products typically have higher quality and more reliable performance, providing a safer and more efficient charging experience.

#3 Remove the Phone Casing

Remember how we talked about your phone not getting enough ventilation being one reason why it heats up? Well, it is time to look into how you can prevent this from happening. The best way to ensure that your device remains cool by providing better ventilation around the body of your phone is by taking off your phone's case.

#4 Switch to Airplane Mode

The airplane mode significantly decreases the power that your phone needs to charge. This ultimately can help keep the temperature on your phone low. Switching off the airplane mode will turn off features like Wifi, Bluetooth, and location services, all of which will together work on reducing the strain on your phone's battery and hence prevent it from overheating while on charge.

How Can You Prevent Phone Overheating While It's on Charge?

Let us give you an insight into all the frequent fixes you can apply to have your phone cool down again:

#1 Cool Down your Phone

If you unplugged your phone from charge and noticed that it had heated more than it should have, then we are sure that your first instinct would be to cool it down again. This approach is absolutely correct, and you will have to bring down the temperature on the phone by creating more airflow around it. Wondering how you can do this? Here are a few tips:

  • ●Take off the back case of your phone. This will help release the trapped air and prevent any airflow blockage.
    ●Place your phone in a cool, air-conditioned room or a shaded area.
    ●Clear the recent history and close all running apps. This will help the CPU of your device to not over-tax.

#2 Uninstall the Crashing App

Try noticing if you have recently installed a new application or game, which may become the cause of your phone heating up. While this may sound unlikely to some, different applications on the phone can cause all sorts of problems if left unchecked. Hence, you need to spot applications and delete any that may cause your phone to heat up. How can you do this? Well, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • ●Go to Settings and then select 'Privacy.'
    ●On the Privacy pop-up, choose 'Analytics' and then select ‘Analytics Data.’

This will show you which application is using what resources and help you figure out which app might be the cause of the problem.

#3 Switch off the Background App Refresh

The background app refreshes help download up-to-date information online even if you are not using the particular application. While this aspect sounds excellent in terms of staying updated, it also becomes a source of downloading excessive data while using your phone, even if you are not using that particular app. This can lead to overheating, and hence, you must switch it off. Here is how you do it

  • ●Go to Settings and then select 'General.'
    ●A new window will appear. Choose 'Background App Refresh' and switch off the toggle.


If you are someone who was wondering why does my phone get hot while charging, then we hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know, out of all our reasons mentioned above, which one turned out to be the cause for your device to overheat and what methods did you take to cool it down.

FAQ about Phone Overheating

Is it Normal for my iPhone to get Hot while Charging?

When used or charged, devices tend to get a tad bit warm due to the increased demand for power generated by the battery. However, your phone becoming excessively hot is a sign of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

Should I be Worried if my Phone is Hot while Charging?

We won't particularly call it an alarming situation if your phone is hot while charging. However, it is also something that you should not neglect. There is always a reason as to why a device heats up, and you should get it checked.

How Do I Stop My iPhone from Overheating?

There are multiple methods that we have mentioned above that can stop your phone from overheating. Take a look at those.

#1 Cool Down your Phone 

#2 Uninstall the Crashing App 

#3 Switch off the Background App Refresh

Should I Worry About My iPhone Getting Hot?

It is ideal to verify all the reasons we have mentioned above and align it with what might be possibly a cause of your phone getting hot.

#1 Overcharging 

#2 Fast Charging 

#3 Poor Ventilation 

#4 Poor Quality Cables and Chargers 

#5 Overusing Phones when Charging 

#6 Aging Batteries