In order to ensure the implementation of UGREEN related functions and the safe and stable operation of the application, we may access software development kits (SDK) provided by third parties for related purposes, which may vary from version to version. We will conduct strict security tests on the software tool development kits (SDKs) that our partners use to obtain information in order to ensure data security. Please note that third-party SDKs may change the type of personal information processing due to version upgrades or their policy adjustments, so please refer to the specific official instructions. The following is the information of the main third-party SDKs we have access to.



  1. List of embedded SDKs


  1. Facebook Open Platform SDK

Purpose of use: Support Facebook authorized login function

Usage scenario: Every time a user selects a Facebook account to log in

Sharing method: SDK native collection, no data sharing involved

Third party name: Meta Platform Inc

Collected/shared information: Facebook user's name, account number and user ID (account number), Facebook user's avatar.

Type of information: User Account Information

Country and region: According to the user's region

Privacy policy link:



  1. Apple ID login

Purpose of use: Support Apple ID authorization login

Usage Scenario: Every time a user selects Apple ID to sign in

Sharing method: SDK native collection, no data sharing involved

Third party name: Apple Inc.

Collect/ Shared information: Device information [device manufacturer, device model, device system information device identifier, device platform, device manufacturer used to generate unique push target ID (CID) and device ID (GID)]; User ID - unique Apple user identifier; Verification data: Identity token, code; Apple user information, including full name, email; Real user indicator is used to determine whether the currently logged-in Apple account is a real user.

Type of information: Personal common device information

Country and region: According to the user's region

Privacy Policy:



  1. GETUI- message push

Purpose of use: Pushing Greenlink smart device alarm information

Usage scenario: When the alarm status of the device occurs

Sharing method: SDK native collection, no data sharing involved

Third party name: Merit Interactive Co.,Ltd.

Collected/shared information: Device information: device identifier (IMEI, IDFA, Android ID, MAC, OAID, Advertising ID, Serial Number, IMSI, UAID, ICCID), device platform, device vendor, application list information; network information (including IP address, WIFI information, base station information) and location-related information.

Type of information: Device information, application list information, network information

Country and region: China

Privacy Policy:


  1. Tencent browsing service SDK (Android side)

Purpose of use: X5 kernel rendering WebView

Usage scenario: Users open About Us and other pages to browse H5 pages

Sharing method: SDK native collection, no data sharing involved

Name of third party: Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited

Collect/share information: Device information (device model, OS, CPU type); application information (host application package name, version number), Wi-Fi status and parameters, location information, nearby Wi-Fi, CellID

Information type: Device information, application information, network and location information

Country and region: China

Privacy Policy:


  1. Umeng SDK

Purpose of use: User statistics analysis

Usage Scenario: Provide statistical analysis services and calibrate report data accuracy by geographic location to provide basic anti-cheating capability

Sharing method: SDK native capture

Name of the third party: Beijing Ruixun Lingtong Technology Co., Ltd.

Collect/share information: Device information (IMEI/MAC/Android ID/IDFA/OpenUDID/GUID/SIM card IMSI/ICCID/IP)

Information type: Device information and rough location 

Country and region: China

Privacy Policy:


  1. 6. Mobile Security Alliance SDK

Purpose of use: Generate OAID for MSA Mobile Security Alliance push devices

Usage Scenario: Provide basic anti-cheat capability and identify virtual machine environment

Sharing method: SDK native collection

Name of the third party: MSA Mobile Security Alliance 

Collect/share information: Device information (OAID)

Information type: Personal common device information

Country and region: China

Privacy Policy:


  1. DCloud( io.dcloud)

Purpose of use: To provide statistical analysis services and improve performance and user experience through application launching data and abnormal error log analysis to provide better services to users.

Usage scenario: When user launch the App; when the App generates an exception error

Sharing method: SDK native collection

Third party name: Digital Heaven (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Collect/Share information: Device information (IMEI/ android ID/ DEVICE_ID/ IDFA, SIM card IMSI information, OAID)

Information type: Personal common device information

County and region: China

Privacy Policy: