Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

  • Theme Color Border
  • HD Clear Transparency
  • Sensitive Touch
Color: Blue/Red

Designed for Nintendo Switch

Tempered glass screen protector utilizes the latest laser cutting technology, fully covering switch console screen from edge to edge.

Theme Color Border

The red and blue color scheme is more suitable for classic models. Not only is it perfectly matched with the color of the Nintendo Switch body, but it also echoes the theme colors of many popular games, providing you with a better gaming experience.

Sensitive Touch

Nintendo Switch screen protector thickness is 0.25mm, which is explosion-proof and sensitive. Fit your console into a switch dock with ease.

HD Clear Transparency

Ultra-clear High Definition with 99.9% transparency to preserves the optimal original viewing experience for Nintendo. The second-generation anti-fingerprint automatically dilutes fingerprints, keeps the screen clean, and plays games more smoothly.

Easy Installation

1. Clean the screen with the wet wipe.
2. Dry the screen with the nonwoven fabric towel.
3. Use the dust absorber to remove the dust.
4. Check the position sign "L" and "R" on the alignment frame and fasten it in order.
5. Take out the screen protector and remove the disposable film.
6. Align and place the screen protector down slowly.
7. Use the nonwoven fabric towel to clean the screen again.

Package Contents

Screen protector
Alignment Frame *1
Wet Wipe *1
Nonwoven Fabric Towel *1
Dust Absorber *2
User Manual *1






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