HDMI to VGA Adapter with Audio Jack

  • 1080P High Resolution
  • Support Audio Video Sync
  • Design for TV Sticks
Color: Black
Aluminum 36W PD QC 3.0 Fast Car Charger

HDMI Female to VGA Male adapter  

The HDMI to VGA converter is a portable digital-analog conversion adapter, enables you to connect an HDMI output device, such as a laptop video output or digital media extender to a VGA display device (monitor, projector) by converting the HDMI video signal from the output device into a VGA output. Plug and play, easy to use, a perfect companion for an easy and enjoying life!

Compatible device  

HDMI to VGA adapter is widely used with HDMI input source HDMI source: Desktop / Notebook / Fire Stick / Raspberry Pi / Tablet PC / Digital Set-top Box / Digital Camera / SLR Camera / Video Camera and other equipment through this adapter connected.


1. It couldn't convert VGA to HDMI, it is not bidirectional.
2. Please use HDMI version 1.4 cable within 8 meters to ensure the high performance of this item.

Package Contents

1 x HDMI to VGA Adapter
1 x Micro usb cable


OutputVGA & Audio
Power SupplyMicro USB
Cable Length30cm


User Manual



Q: The description says to use with a hdmi cable up to 8 feet. will this work with a longer cable? 50 - 75' with signal boost?Plus Button

A: For this item, it is suggested to use an HDMI version 1.4 cable within 8 meters(26.24') to ensure the high performance.

Q: i have a monitor that only has a vga plug on the back. And i have a PC that only connects to dmi ports. If i get this, will there still be a display?Plus Button

A: Yes, this item is used to connect an HDMI compatible device to a monitor or projector with a VGA port. Please use HDMI version 1.4 cable within 8 meters to ensure the high performance of this item.

Q: Will this support a 120 hz refresh rate?Plus Button

A: This adapter can only support 1080P 60Hz at max.

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