DVI-I 24+5 to VGA Adapter

  • Support 1080P Resolution
  • Gold-Plated Connector
  • Plug & Play
Color: Black
DVI-I 24+5 to VGA Adapter

1080P (Full HD) Video Adapter 

This DVI VGA adapter supports resolution up to 1080P @60Hz. So you can enjoy HD video or image on the computer monitor, HDTV or big-screen projector. 

Stable Signal Transmission 

Slim DVI VGA connectors with screws not only support secure connection, but also easy plugging & unplugging, Gold-plated connectors to optimize its performance and protect your devices from EMI and lossless signal between devices.

How it works 

DVI-I 24+5 Male to VGA Female ennables you to connect a DVI-I 24+5 port eqipped desktop, laptop, video card to a VGA equipped HDTV, monitor, projector or projector, and support resolution up to 1080P. 


Bidirectional transmission is NOT available.This adapter is ONLY for DVI-I 24+5 to VGA.
Audio transmission is NOT supported.(Must be transmitted separately).

Package Contents

1 x DVI-I 24+5 Male to VGA Female Adapter


Connector ADVI
Connector BVGA
ResolutionUp to 1080P
Interface MaterialGold-Plated



Q: Do you have to have a hd tv to use it?Plus Button

A: No, you needn't have to have an HD tv to use it.

Q: Will this work with a dvi-a port? i just tried both ports on my graphics card and it wont work.Plus Button

A: I have checked that the interface pin of the dvi-a port is 12+5, but the interface pin of this item is 24+5 and 15, so it cannot work with a DVI-a port.

Q: I assume i could use this adapter to connect my 2005 mac mini to my sony 48 inch bravia tv ?Plus Button

A: If the 2005 mac mini is with DVI-I 24+5, this DVI-I 24+5 to VGA adapter can work for that.

Q: How do you know which dvi to use? there is dvi-i, dvi-a, dvi-d???Plus Button

A: You can see it in our title and it is a DVI-I 24+5 pins adapter. Please kindly confirm your plug is 24+5 pins DVI-i not 24+1 pins

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