DVI-D 24+1 Dual Link Video Cable

  • Support Up to 2K Resolution
  • Anti-Interference
  • Gold Plated Connector
Color: Black
DVI-D 24+1 Dual Link Video Cable


This DP to HDMI Cable enables you to connect the DP-enabled source device to HDMI port displays, such as the computer host with high definition graphics; Support high definition video and audio transmission for a fantastic gaming experience.  

Mirror or Extend your Computer  

Under mirror mode, you could view your laptop or desktop's screen or video on display or tv, easily play games or movies to TV; under extend mode, you could connect a second monitor to computer, to give them a larger desktop on which to work.  

Reliable Connectivity  

Gold-plated connectors, tinned copper wire, aluminum foil and braid, durable PVC case, all of them ensure a strength connectivity between devices.  

Package Contents

1 x DP to HDMI Cable


SKU11672(1M), 11604(2M), 11607(3M)
Connector ADVI 24+1 
Connector BDVI 24+1 
Resolution2K @60Hz 
BandwidthMirror or Extend Mode for Option
EAN/UPC6957303866724, 6957303866045, 6957303866076



Q: Will this support a monitor running 1920x1080p at 144hz?Plus Button

A: Sorry, it does NOT support 1920x1080p at 144hz. The refresh rate is up to 120hz, so it supports 1920x1080p at 120hz.

Q: Can this cord run 144hz @1920x1080?Plus Button

A: The highest resolution of this cable is 120Hz refresh rate at up to 2560x1600.

Q: Will it support to 144hz monitor ?Plus Button

A: It cannot reach to 144hz, only can reach to 60Hz at max.

Q: I have a mac book pro adjustment to dvi-d will this cable split the signal to a dvi-d monitor1 and a hdmi monitor-2Plus Button

A: This DVI-D cable doesn't split the signal, it only can transfer the signal from one source device to one monitor.

Q: I have a dvi-d 24+5 pin video card to a dvi-d 24+1 monitor, will this cable work and not loose any performance?Plus Button

A: Yes, this DVI cable can be used to connect DVI-d 24+5 pin video card to a DVI-d 24+1 monitor.

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