4 Pack Phone Holder Metal Plate

  • Strong Sticky Adhesive
  • Easy to Attach
  • Ultra Slim Plate
4 Pack Phone Holder Metal Plate

Adhesive Metal Plate Repacement  

Replace magnet plate perfectly and work well with magnetic cell phone holder and magnet car mount.
NOTE: This sticky metal plates for phone magnet are not magnets, just the metal discs for magnet to adhere to.

Rectangle and Round Magnet Plates  

Provide you more options to apply on multiple mobile phones and even mini tablets with 2 rectangle and 2 circular plates. Dimension of rectangle one is 1.8" x 2.6", round one 's diameter is 1.7 inch.  

Installation Steps  

1. Clean the dust on the back of your phone. Make sure the surface of your phone back is dry and smooth.
2. Uncover the sticker and stick the metal plate onto the surface. Adhere with finger or hand pressure on it for consistent 20 seconds.
3. Wait for 24 hours before using to make sure the metal plate sticks firmly on your phone back.
If you want to remove it, please remember to use hair dryer blowing hot wind on it to melt the adhesive first.

Important Note  

This product can NOT apply to silicone or rubber phone case.
For phone case thicker than 1mm, we do suggest you stick it on the outside of the case to avoid interference with magnetism.
For wireless charging, please place metal plate away from wireless charging sensor on your phone back or place metal plate on phone case and remove case for wireless charging.

Package Contents

4 x Magnetic Metal Plate


Round Diameter45mm
Rectangle Diameter45mm x 65mm
EAN / UPC6957303854165



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