UGREEN USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable (with USB for Power)

UGREEN USB extension cable that can be used to extend your USB devices, like USB printers, speakers, scanners, keyboards, WiFi, etc. Up to 16ft/5m without significant signal loss or degradation in quality.

Brand : Ugreen
SKU : US137


1. Built-in chipset assures good signal quality to meet USB specification.

2. Extend your USB devices up to 16ft/5m.

3. Compliant with USB specification 2.0/1.1.

4. USB bus powered, no external power required.

5. Plug & Play, no driver needed.

6. Support Win98/2000/XP Mac os V9.0 or higher.

7. Tinned Copper + Double Shielding.

8. Nickle-Plated.

Tips: The additional USB cable is optional for power hungry devices.


Item Code:

20213 (5M)

20214 (10M)

What´s in the box

Pacakge Included:

1 x USB Extension Cable