USB 3.0 to Dual DVI HDMI VGA Video Graphics Card

Synchronized Audio & Video: DVI and VGA external graphics card can only process video signal, this USB Video adapter additionally provides with a 3.5mm line-out jack. Let you connect this adapter to your TV or external speakers through a 3.5mm jack audio cable(sold separately). (Sound settings: Sound-Output-USB Audio). However, when you connect this adapter to HDMI displays, audio and video would be transferred simultaneously over one HDMI cable, no need extra audio cables.

Brand : UGREEN
SKU : 40246
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Multiple Tasking 

Ugreen USB to Dual DVI grapic card adapter is designed to quickly and easily add 2 external displays or monitors to your computer,Laptop,Ultrabooks or Macbook from a single USB interface ar resolution up to 2048 x 1152 or 1920 x1200. 

It delivers smooth,high definition content to multiple displays and can be used in primary,extend and mirror modes. 

Synchronized Audio & Video 

1.When connected to DVI or VGA monitors, connect this adapter to TV or external speakers through a 3.5mm audio cable 

2.When connected to HDMI monitors, audio & video would be transfered simultaneously over HDMI cable connected 

3.Sound settings:Sound--Output--USB Audio 


1.Dual DVI Output: 

DVI Output 1: DVI 24+5, supports DVI and VGA output(with a VGA adapter) 

DVI Output 2: DVI 24+1, support DVI and HDMI output(with an HDMI adapter) 

2.Supports display resolution up to 2048*[email protected](1920x1200 for analog VGA) 

3.USB 3.0 specification,speed up to 5Gb/s,Backward-compatible with USB 2.0 

4.Supported modes:Extend,Mirror,Rotate and Primary(set as main screen) 

5.Micro USB female for optional power 

What´s in the box

In the Box

Ugreen 40246 USB 3.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Multi-Display Adapterx1 
DVI to HDMI Adapter x1 
DVI to VGA Adapter x1 
Manual x1 
Driver CD x1