Right Angle 4K 1080P HDMI Cable Support for Xbox PS3 PS4

UGREEN HDMI Cable Right Angle 270 Degree Elbow High Speed HDMI Cable Supports 4K 3D Ethernet and ARC for Roku, Boxee, Xbox360, PS3, Blu Ray Player, TV and More. (3ft)

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Product description


Widely Application 

Ugreen HDMI cable allows you to connect your Blu-Ray player,computer, Apple TV,Roku,cable box,PS3,Xbox 360 or other HDMI-compatible device to your HDTV/display source.Right angled flat thin HDMI cable, especially designed for wall-mounted devices like LCD TV.It combines HD audio & video into 1 cable for many home theater needs. 

Product Features 

- Connects a standard HDMI device to an HDTV/other standard HDMI device 

- Shared internet connection for compatible devices without extra wiring 

- Backwards compatible with earlier HDMI standards 

Quality Construction

* 24k Gold-Plated Connectors 

* 30AWG Oxygen-free copper 

* Compliance: HDCP, HDMI Authority, RoHS 

* HDMI Version:100% backwards compatible with HDMI v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 AND v1.4 ,1.4a 

* Data Resolution: 4096 x 2160p Ultra HD / Dual Stream 1080p 3D 

* 10.2 Gbps bandwidth 

* Audio return channel (ARC) 

* 3D over HDMI support 

* HDMI ethernet channel 

* Dual-stream 1080p 3D Support 

* Triple-layer superior shielding from EMI / RF with Zinc alloy shell 

* 270 degree right angle connector - perfect behind TV wall mounts, which helps to reach a HDMI port which is difficult to access. 


Devices with standard HDMI ports,like an HDTV,Blu-Ray player,PS3,Xbox 360,Apple TV,Roku,Boxee,PC,Mac,stereo,monitor & projector 


Plug-&-play: Ready to use,once each end is connected to a compatible device 


HDMI ports supporting Ethernet are needed for internet sharing 

What´s in the box

Package Contents: 

Ugreen High-Speed 270 degree(right angle)HDMI cablex1.