HDMI Extender Over Single Cat 7/6/5e Ethernet Cable

UGREEN HDMI Extender Over Single Cat 7/6/5e Ethernet Cable up to 120m/390ft with IR, Zinc Alloy Housing and Power Adapter, Support 3D and 1080P

Brand : UGREEN
SKU : 30942
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Product description

Ugreen HDMI extender offers you a cost effective way of transmitting high definition HDMI digital video/audio and IR from a single sender to multiple receivers by using standard CAT 5e/Cat 6/Cat7 Ethernet cable. Moreover, it also enables you to control sender both at sender and receiver side by IR remote control. It is an ideal choice for exhibition, data monitoring center, home decorating, project show, education which requires long distance transmission of HDMI signal.

Extend Signals to Unlimited Monitors

This HDMI extender support point-to-point mode, one point-to-multi-point mode. You can connect one or multiple receivers to a single sender, then signals can be delivered to multiple monitors simultaneously. (Each monitor requires one HDMI receiver.)

Extend Signals up to 400ft and Longer Distance

Each pair of sender and receiver can extend HDMI signal up to 120m/400ft away over a single cat 6/7/5e cable up to 400ft. Moreover, it supports cascade mode, signals can be extended up to much longer distance by daisy-chain multiple pairs of senders and receivers.

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1* UGREEN HDMI Extender