HDMI Female to VGA Male Adapter with 3.5mm Jack

UGREEN Active HDMI to VGA Adapter with 3.5mm Audio Jack HDMI Female to VGA Male Converter for TV Stick, Raspberry Pi, Laptop, PC, Tablet, Digital Camera, etc.

Brand : UGREEN
SKU : 20694
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HDMI Female to VGA Male Adapter

HDMI Female to VGA Male adapter

The HDMI to VGA converter is a portable digital-analog conversion adapter, enables you to connect an HDMI output device, such as a laptop video output or digital media extender to a VGA display device (monitor, projector) by converting the HDMI video signal from the output device into a VGA output. Plug and play, easy to use,a perfect companion for an easy and enjoying life!

Compatible Device

HDMI to VGA adapter are widely used with HDMI input source HDMI source: Desktop/Notebook/Fire Stick/Raspberry Pi/ Google Chromecast/ Tablet PC/Digital Set-top Box/ Digital Camera/SLR Camera/Video Camera and other equipment through this adapter connected


HDMI video input formats: 480i / 576i / 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p

VGA video output formats: 480i / 576i / 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p

Products for audio output: 3.5 Audio /3.5 TO R + L

Product inputs: HDMI

Product output terminal: VGA + Audio

power supply: Micro usb port

Note: It couldn't convert VGA to HDMI, it is not bidirectional.

What´s in the box

Package Included:

1 x HDMI to VGA Adapter
1 x Micro USB Cable