3ft 7pin Internal HD Mini SAS SFF-8643 Host Forward Breakou Cable

UGREEN Internal HD Mini SAS SFF-8643 Host to 4 SATA 7pin Target Hard Disk 6Gbps Data Server Raid Cable, SFF-8643 to 4 SATA Forward Breakout Cable

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Brand : UGREEN
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Product description

Size Name:3ft

Introduction Of SFF-8643

The SFF-8643 is the latest HD MiniSAS connector design for implementing HD SAS Internal interconnect solutions.

It's a 36-pin ‘High Density SAS’ connector, and utilizes a plastic body typically used in internal connections. Typical application would be a INTERNAL SAS link between a SAS HBA to SAS drives.

Compliant with the latest SAS 3.0 spec, and supports 12Gb/s data transfer protocol.

Connect Mini SAS controller to SATA Drive or SATA Backplane

Ugreen INTERNAL HD MINI SAS(SFF-8643) to 4x SATA Cable is specifically designed to connect a 12 Gbps host bus adapter or RAID controller with Mini SAS ports to 4 discrete SATA drives or SATA backplane, supporting up to 4-ports (4 lanes) of SAS data. Four discrete SATA fanout drive cables are of equal length with stainless steel latches to provide a secure connection.

Important Notes: Do NOT Work with a Backplane with Mini Mini SAS (SFF-8643).Please make sure it's Mini SAS port (SFF-8643) on your motherboard or RAID Controller.

Support SAS (up to 6Gb/s) And SATA (12Gb/s)

The SFF-8643 is compliant with the latest SAS 3.0 spec, and supports 12Gb/s data transfer protocol.


Connector A: SFF-8043 (36 Pin; Internal Mini-SAS) Plug Latching

Connector B: SATA (7 pin; Data) Receptacle Latching

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Ugreen Internal HD Mini SAS SFF-8643 to 4 SATA Drive x 1PC