2 Port Scanner Printer Share Switcher Selector Box Hub with 2 pcs of USB 2.0 A to A cables

UGREEN USB 2.0 Sharing Switch 2 Port, USB Peripheral Switcher Adapter Box Hub 2 PCs Share 1 USB Device for Printer Scanner with 2 Pack USB 2.0 Male Cable

Brand : UGREEN
SKU : 30345

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·  USB sharing Switch provides easy one-touch switching of a USB device or hub between two computers. Important note: For better data transfer, please keep the the USB Cables(connected to the input and output devices) Length less than 3M. 

·  2 Port USB 2.0 Printer Auto Sharing Switch works with any USB-enabled computer without drivers ,so you could freely switch between two computers when connection to a USB device by a single push button

·  USB 2.0 Peripheral Switch that allows up to 2 computers to share the use of a single USB peripheral device ,such as a printer, scanner,mouse, keyboard, mobile hard disk, etc etc. on a one-at-a-time basis 

·  2 Port Scanner Printer Share Switcher Works with PC and Mac computers,Backwards compatible with USB 1.1 

·  LED indicator lights show which connected computer has control of the attached devices 

In the Box

1pcs*Ugreen USB 2.0 switch