3 Pack 15 Pin SATA Power Extension Cable

Ugreen SATA 15 pin extension cable is a wonderful assistant when building, upgrading or repairing your computers. It can extend the length of the existing SATA power cable and give you an easy to reach the port where cable management is a challenge.

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3 Pack 15 Pin SATA Power Extension Cable


This extension cable Power SATA 15 pin connector is used to extend the SATA power supply, connects a computer power supply with Serial ATA HDD, SSD, optical drives, DVDB burners and PCI cards.

18 AWG SATA extender cable provides multi-voltage compatibility with 5V and 12V voltages between SATA drives and power connectors without sacrificing performance.

Flexible SATA extension cable eliminates the need to bend or strain the SATA cable to compensate for lack of space. It simplifies installation of the drive by overcoming typical connection restrictions and reduces the risk of damage to the drive or motherboard SATA connectors because the cable no longer needs to be strained or stretched.

This Sata Male to Female cable is widely compatible with SATA, Hard Drive Disk, Optical Drive, SSD, PCI-E Cards and other devices with SATA 15 pin Connector.



Type: Power Extension cable

Version: 15-pin SATA male TO 15-pin SATA Female connector

Wire Gauge: 18 AWG

Length include Connector: 8inch (20cm)

This cable is used to extend the SATA power supply

Supports 5V/2A and 12V/2A

Hot swap is not supported (when replacing the power cord, the power must be off)

What´s in the box

Package Included:

1 x 3 Pack SATA Extension Power Cable