UGREEN Wireless Charger: An Endless Power Supply for Your Apple Watch

2019-03-02 12:05:31 ugreen 485

We can't imagine our lives without our smart digital friends, the users of Apple Watch can't agree more. Every year the technology of Apple Watch is becoming more and more surrealistic. Apple Watch is a device so powerful, personal and liberating. Apple Watch users are becoming inseparable with them, technology is beyond understanding. You can track your heart rhythm just by placing a finger to the button; share your ECG (electrocardiogram) with your doctor, play, chat, call, and record, the features are endless.

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There are so many functions in Apple Watch that it is always should be on, literally to have endless battery power. If we imagine for a minute how it will be. No more hassles about our tangling cables, worries about low power, annoying notifications about low battery power. How great to have such worry-free life.

We cannot provide you this ideal comfort but with our new charger you can be few steps closer to it.

ugreen wireless charger

UGREEN MFi certified charger with a magnetic charging module and inductive charging technology, in simple words our charger has a magnetic pad that can charge your watch wirelessly. Here’s some additional info about the product:

  • Soft silicone holder helps to hold the Apple Watch in landscape orientation (nightstand mode) and makes it easier to see the screen.

ugreen wireless charger

  • Behind a small cap hides a USB plug, which built right in so you can recharge it without having to carry any cables.

  • You can forget about the issue of tangling cables. Simply plug it into a wall charger/power bank or any other USB charging devices and charging is on the go!

  • Fully charges your Apple watch within 2 hours as fast as your original charger for your Apple watch series 4 3 2 1.

ugreen wireless charger

  • Maximum heat dissipation and high-temperature resistance offers you a safe environment for both watch and the charger.

  • Perfect to hang it on a keychain or backpack on a silicon lanyard attached to the charger, don't be afraid about scratches, the most important component is the chip and it is hiding inside.

ugreen wireless charger

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