How to Faster Charge Your iPhone? Get UGREEN Super Gift Box!

2019-08-19 09:16:58 ugreen 991

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Imagining that, when you are going to meet a customer or hang out with your friends but the phone power is in low; When you want to charge your phone with a new cable you bought on the online shop but find that it is not certified by MFi; When you borrow a power adapter but find it just has USB-C port.

All of these must make you crazy. Now, you can get rid of those worries, UGREEN is the doctor!

As the first batch of USB-C to Lightning cable authorized company in China, UGREEN keeps up with market demand and has successfully developed the 18W PD Adapter and USB-C to Lightning Cable to fast charge your iPhone 8 and above versions, which can charge your phone up to 50% in 30 minutes.


Power Delivery Charger Kit: 18W PD Power Adapter with USB-C port and USB-C to Lightning cable with PD 3.0 protocol are the excellent combination. It is a medkit for your power-hungry phone, and you are the winner who can eat chicken dinner.

It has to say that fast charging is the future for all digital devices. Having said all this, are you a bit of interested in this power delivery charger kit? Let me tell you a secret, you can get them for FREE!

That sounds good? Now, you must be wondering how to get them. Let me tell you the right way!

From August to September, UGREEN will have a feast to show our gratitude for your support.

We will prepare 1000 Power Gift Boxes for you. It will definitely be a great surprise. Follow us and you will know more! Everyone joining this activity will have a chance to enter our lucky lottery.


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