13 Most Accurate Predictions about Apple Products in 2019

2019-03-21 11:48:19 ugreen 71

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13 Most Accurate Predictions about Apple Products in 2019

Apple Inc. has been a tycoon in mobile and computer industry for many years, millions of people are using their products and looking forward to their new releases. Their products have guided the product plan of many companies and shifted our perspective about electronic devices. Apple products are more than just a piece of tech that’s personal, the precious device that understands your needs and completes you. This year is not an exception, there is a huge fuss about Apple products and big media channel are taking a chance to guess what Apple has prepared for us.

Apple products 2019

sources: macrumors

Ugreen is not an exception we are true advocates of Apple brand and we have released many useful electronic accessories for Apple, The newest one is cable-free portable Apple Watch charger and our newest release is USB-C to lightning cable.


When it comes to predictions Ming-Chi Kuo stated most accurate predictions in the past and everyone relies more in his opinion. Let’s see what’s his prediction and other prediction that are not far from real:


1. New iPhone models 6.5’’ and 5.8’’ will have OLED screen and 6.1’’ LCD screen.

2.  All support lightning connector (no USB-C) and retain the same notch area.

That’s a great prediction for Ugreen since we are about to release new USB-C to lightning cable, which will be perfect for iPhone users to use lightning cable and still enjoy the fast speed of USB-C connector. I suggest using the 30W PD power adapter and USB-C to Lightning cable together can charge your phone up to 50% in 30 minutes.

PD charger and usb-c to lightning cable

3. Multitasking display and horizontal unlock.

4. Main upgrades: UWB, frosted glass casing, bilateral wireless charging, Face ID, battery & triple cam.


5. Existing panel size of 9.7” iPad upgrades to 10.2”.

6. New iPad mini comes with an upgraded AP.

New Apple iPad 2019

sources: Apple


7. All new design 16-16.5” MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and 31.6” 6k3k monitor.

8. New 13” MacBook has an additional option of 32GB.

Apple Watch

9. ECG supports for additional countries.

10. New ceramic casing design.

11. Face ID Support.

Apple Watch


12. Wireless charging case.

13. Noise cancellation and waterproof features.

These are 13 predictions that we wanted to share with you. We think they are the most accurate and are close to being true. Ugreen will always be there to meet your needs.