• UGREEN Gifts for Valentine's Day 2019

    Let us make your day even better with 999 FREE pairs of products and grand prizes. That's a bigger surprise than a bouquet of roses!

    2019/01/29 ugreen 2314

  • A Perfect Solution to Expand Your MacBook

    Are you looking for a perfect solution for your latest MacBook or MacBook Pro that has only USB-C port? UGREEN USB-C 9-In-1 Hub will give you a good answer.

    2019/01/25 ugreen 34

  • Best Christmas Gifts from Ugreen 2018

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Christmas is just around the corner, so do you prepare gifts for your beloved? If you still don't have a clue to give gifts, maybe UGREEN can help you out.

    2019/01/25 ugreen 20

  • Ugreen Type-C Docking Station: Building a Fully Mobile Officing World

    With the popularity of smartphones and incoming of mobile internet area, mobile officing has become a popular development trend. Ugreen USB-C expansion dock will play an indispensable role in this trend and provide users with more convenient and faster mobile life.

    2018/10/24 ugreen 1338

  • Here Are Useful UGREEN Accessories for Three New iPhones

    Here are three Apple's latest iPhones launched on Wednesday's event in the Steve Jobs Theater. If your answer is "Yes, maybe you also need a few of accessories that are good and affordable. Here UGREEN will select the most satisfying products for you.

    2018/09/14 ugreen 687

  • Good Idea if You Need Convert Fire TV Stick To VGA

    TV sticks have met with a favorable reception in the global market because of its great function as well as its small dimension. In this case, HDMI to VGA TV stick Adapter is what we need for its solution.

    2018/09/10 editor 3284

  • Is Round Audio Cable Better than Flat One?

    When referring to listening to music, we know that headsets are of much importance as well as the audio cables because some people are inclined to choose headsets while others prefer audio cables.

    2018/09/10 ugreen 1642

  • UGREEN USB-C Card Reader for New iPad Pro 2018

    UGREEN USB-C 4-In-1 Card Reader to you. This card reader supports SD/TF/CF/MS cards and supports reading and writing on 4 cards simultaneously. You can use it for the data transmission between memory cards and the new iPad Pro.

    2019/01/25 ugreen 176