• Upcoming: 10000 mAh USB A/C Outputs Fast Charging Power Bank

    This 10000 mAh power bank are equipped with USB A and USB A ports while at the same time, it features a USB C charging cable. Both output ports are compatible with fast charging. It can charge two devices at the same time. Of course, the power bank is shatter-resistant and its connector and charging cable are durable e..

    2017/11/25 editor 3

  • 4400mAh Power Bank With Lightning Cable for Apple Watch And iPhone

    It has been two months since new iPhones' launch event. The battery capacities are also revealed to the public, which might dissatisfy its users. The battery time is relevant to its capacity

    2017/11/23 editor 10

  • Black Friday: A Chance To Get Items You Need From Ugreen

    Black Friday, a term that began in Philadelphia in the 1960s, describes the bad traffic conditions of that day. Around the 1980s, businessmen thought it was not appropriate for this negative explanati

    2017/11/20 editor 91

  • Upcoming - 20000 mAh Power Bank With Lightning Cable

    20000 mAh high-end power bank helps you to be free from lightning cables when you go out for a travel or business trip. The charging time is decided by the battery capacity of your smartphone. Details of this upcoming power bank are listed in this passage.

    2017/11/18 editor 31

  • Your Nintendo Switch Really Needs Forceful Protection

    Nintendo Switch, released in March 2017, are favored by many people. It is worth noting that many of you are most likely to bring Nintendo Switch with you when you go travel or just go to the college.

    2017/11/11 editor 24

  • 10 Top Smartphones in 2017 Tested By TechRadar

    This year witnessed so many wonderful smartphones with different brands. A famous science and technology media TechRadar has tested the smartphones they have and has evaluated the top 10 in their

    2017/11/08 editor 12

  • Back To School With UGREEN Electronics Accessories

    Many students are planning to prepare their basic necessities to go back to university. Are you ready? Or have you prepared them long before? No matter you did or not, here is a list of recommended it

    2017/07/20 editor 117

  • Amazon Prime Week - UGREEN's Big Sale Is Waiting For You

    Do you often go shopping on Amazon? If yes, do you know the breathtaking news on Amazon? Yes, Amazon Prime Day is coming. Just as its name implies, it is a day when Amazon is having a big sale only fo

    2017/07/07 editor 78