• How To Charge Your Smartphones Or Tablets Faster

    Imagine you are leaving the house to meet friends in half an hour but the battery of your smartphone is going to run out of juice. Time is surely not enough for the battery bar creeps up towards full.

    2018/02/01 editor 40

  • How To Use And Maintain Your Power Banks

    we're still many years away from the battery technology which can meet people's daily requirements of battery life. That is why power banks become so popular. Taking a power bank with us ensures that smartphones will not power off when we are outside. Once we purchase a power bank, the best way to use it becomes a majo..

    2018/01/25 editor 17

  • How To Pick The Best USB Wall Charger

    Power is necessary for our multiple electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspot or smart watches etc, perhaps all of which come with an original charger. It is easy to find that they will be out of juice and need to be charged within one to two days. How could we pick a good and even perfect wall..

    2017/12/07 editor 40

  • Various Solutions For Casting Your Andriod Devices To TV Screen

    There is no doubt that connecting your smartphone and tablet PC to the keyboard, mouse, flash drive and so on looks great, not to mention the operation of casting your Android devices to a big TV screen. Here are several easy solutions for your reference. You can put it into practice according to your smartphones.

    2017/11/29 editor 51

  • How To Choose A Suitable Car Charger For Yourself

    If we have cars, we may need a car charger to facilitate us to charge friends' or ourselves' smartphones or tablet PCs. But how could we know this car charger is suitable and what should we notice when using the car charger? These will be described in detail.

    2017/11/25 editor 30

  • How To Settle HDMI To VGA Adapter Problems

    We may be familiar with HDMI which has been applied in daily life widely. But some not so new devices are equipped with VGA port, instead of HDMI port. That is why we need HDMI To VGA Adapter. When this adapter is being used, some faults may be occur and now this are some simple steps for us to deal with it.

    2017/11/18 editor 102

  • Tips To Choose The Best Power Bank

    Much more advanced smartphones and tablets are always being produced with each passing day, meaning the battery life ought to be improved at the same time. But it is still not enough to just impr

    2017/11/09 editor 84

  • How To Choose Reliable HDMI Cables Easily

    HDMI is very common in our daily life and actually, choosing a suitable HDMI cable is not complicated. It is no denying that people will take the brand into top..

    2017/10/31 editor 45