• Is Round Audio Cable Better than Flat One?

    When referring to listening to music, we know that headsets are of much importance as well as the audio cables because some people are inclined to choose headsets while others prefer audio cables.

    2018/09/10 ugreen 1298

  • It Can Prevent Apple's Original Data Cable From Being Broken

    By rights, we do not need to consider the quality of data lines. However, the Apple data line is an exception: it will not take a long time to crack.What should..

    2018/08/09 editor 121

  • Have You Made Full Use Of“USB On-The-Go”?

    With the diversification of smartphones' functions, users' demands for mobile phone memory is also increasing. A variety of photos, music, videos, apps 

    2017/08/31 editor 129

  • What Is The Secure Distance From Smartphones While Sleeping?

    Honestly speaking, where will you put your smartphone while sleeping at night? Will you put it below or beside the pillow, on the nightstand or beside your foot..

    2017/08/15 editor 1620

  • Some Aspects Of Data Wires Will Affect The Charging Speed

    Strong cycle and duration performance as well as faster charing speed of the smartphone are what all people pursue though their other demands may different beca..

    2017/08/03 editor 135

  • How To Avoid The Dents In Your Hands

    Ever since people got their smartphons they perhaps have been keeping one habit. Yes, they will hold the smartphones on hands for a long time to watch films, search on the Internet, play games or comm

    2017/07/24 editor 154

  • How To Prolong Our Data Lines' Life Time

    Nowadays, the faster smartphones update, the more frequently we change the smartphones. The speed for us to update our data wires is also faster. But it is not because of smartphone update but our use

    2017/07/21 editor 112

  • What Is SlimPort?

    SlimPort® uses a single cable to deliver high-definition audio and video from your smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices to a wide range of external displa..

    2017/07/11 ugreen 213