Ugreen Back to School Sale | Up to 50% Off

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Hey UGREEN fans,

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Time flies, it’s time to say goodbye to your great summer and return to your desk.

Get prepared with your favorite laptops and phones, right?

We are offering up to 50% off for Hubs, Chargers, Cables, Power bank and Holders to keep you or your schoolmates connected and productive!

Check out the products we’ve prepared for you below and feel free to let us know your favorite one.

For the Multi-Tasking Students

100W PD Charging USB Type C 6 in 1 Hub    | 15% Off with Code UGREEN411 + 5% Coupon (Valid until 31/08)

USB C HDMI Adapter 6 in 1 Type C Hub      | 15% Off with Code UGREEN410 + 5% Coupon (Valid until 31/08)

USB C Hub 7-in-1 Type C Dock Adapter      | 15% Off with Code UGREEN852 + 5% Coupon (Valid until 31/08)

USB C Hub 4 Ports USB 3.1 Type C            | 15% Off with Code UGREEN336 + 5% Coupon (Valid until 31/08)

For Those Late Nights in the Library

USB C Charger 18W Type C PD             | 50% Off with Code UGREEN449  (Valid until 31/08)

Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger 18W         | 20% Off with Code UGREEN495 + 5% Coupon (Valid until 31/08)

USB Charger Dual Port 3.1A                | 20% Off with Code UGREEN494 + 5% Coupon (Valid until 31/08)

Wireless Charger Fast Charging Pad 7.5W   | 15% Off with Code UGREEN278 (Valid until 31/08)

Apple Watch Wireless Portable Charger      | 30% Off with Code UGREEN944 (Valid until 31/08)

For Making Connections

USB-C to Lightning Cable MFi-Certified      | 50% Off with Code UGREEN493  (Valid until 31/08)

USB C to Lightning Cable Nylon Braided     | 20% Off with Code UGREEN759  (Valid until 31/08)

USB C to C Cable Right Angle 90 Degree    | 20% Off with Code UGREEN123  (Valid until 31/08)

USB C Cable 90 Degree Right Angle           | 20% Off with Code UGREEN855  (Valid until 31/08)

For the Long Journey Home

Portable Charger 10000mAh PD 18W          | 30% Off with Code UGREEN399 (Valid until 31/08)

Portable Charger 10000mAh Power Bank    | 20% Off with Code UGREEN874 (Valid until 31/08)

Dual USB Port Battery Pack Power Bank      | 10% Off with Code UGREEN452 (Valid until 31/08)

For Free your hands

Tablet Stand Holder Desk Adjustable         | 10% Off with Code UGREEN324 (Valid until 31/08)

Cell Phone Stand Desk Holder                    | 10% Off with Code UGREEN324 (Valid until 31/08)

Win Newest iPhone & Gift Box & 10000$ Codes

Win Newest iPhone & Gift Box & 10000$ Codes