Qualcomm Debuts 5 Audio Products For IoT and Smart Home Recently

2018-09-01 14:10:27 ugreen 186

Smart home technology is getting a lot of attention from many tech companies, stakeholders and consumers alike today. And the attention is pushing the technology to the forefront of consumer electronic. The trend like other new technology requires product designers, chips and components manufacturers to keep abreast of development and provide innovative solutions.

Qualcomm's voice and music division has just unveiled a range of new audio related products at a developers' conference in China to match the demands of today's innovative products such as wireless headphones, smart speakers and new interfaces like USB Type-C.

While announcing the new products, Qualcomm introduced a high-end flash chip for wireless speakers and headphones, named the CSRA68100 alongside a new range of Bluetooth SoCs for entry and mid level products which falls under the QCC3XXX range.

With its new WHS9420 and WHS9410 SoCs, the company is also taking cognizance of the increase in USB Type-C devices and providing solutions for the latest wireless connections.

Qualcomm similarly launched a new Direct Digital Feedback Amplifier for more powerful speaker setup and also unveiled its Smart Audio Platform, which the company claimed is based on existing Snapdragon technologies. This platform is designed to provide the additional processing power demanded by the new range of smart home speakers.

However, with the emerging trend in the adoption of smart home speakers such as Amazon's Echo and Google Home hub, it is quite save to say that we will soon see more smart home speakers from other manufacturers make their debuts in the nearest future, possibly utilizing Qualcomm new systems.

It is also clear that Qualcomm with the new offerings has demonstrated its commitment to supporting emerging trend in the audio and smart home markets.

The Smart Audio Platform is expected to be available in the third quarter of this year.

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