How To Choose A Reliable Power Strip With USB Ports

2017-07-18 19:22:52 editor 179

In our daily lives, sockets are necessary once there is an electrical equipment. What's more, the demand for charging head with USB port is growing because of the popularity of the digital products such as smart phone and tablet PC.


Data lines are certain carried with you but uncertain charging head. A USB hub charger emerges as the times require.With this, mobile phones can be charged directly with one data line.


How can we choose a USB hub charge? Are there any concrete standards as a reference? Yes, of course. Now some standards will be shown to you. 


The quality of the USB hub charger is what we need to take into consideration at first. The outermost shell, fire resistance, insulativity and dampproof ability of the wire stocks should be noticed. Is integrated copper core used? Are there multiple functions such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, temperature protection and short circuit protection . After all, safety is the most important. Well, a part of these characteristics can be seen according to the specification of the product. As consumers, we can not dismentle it in order to study.




When we choose USB plug, where to use is what we need to consider firstly. Will it be used at home? If yes, in living room or kitchen? Or do you need to take it when travelling? How many jacks do you need?


If it is used at home and more jacks are needed, the ordinary long USB plug can be considered. Not only mobile phones but also other small appliances can also be used directly. And plugs equiped with 4 ports, 6 ports or even more ports are great. It is at your disposal.



There is another situation that the jacks you need are not much and you want to use it on the desk or taking the portability of travel into account. A plug which is equiped with two jacks and two USB interfaces are good. Two jacks are enough to be connected to the computer and TV. Mobile phone and tablet PC can be charged with two USB interfaces.



USB Parameters

The rated current is often ignored by many people when buying USB plug. So you may find a problem that other USB interface is useless when one is working.


Actually this is not a product failure. Becase the total output current of the USB plug is too low, the charge speed is suppressed, which makes people feel that it is useless. The total current can not be too small.


For example: The ordinary USB plug is often equiped with two usb ports. It would be best to have a total current up to about 3.4A. But the total current of some usb plugs is only 2A or much less than 2A. The current of a common mobile phone charger head has to be more than 1A, let alone the requested current of the quick charge mobile phone. If the total current is too low, the charging speed of two products at the same time is slower.


A usb plug with at least 3.4A total current is better if you need to charge one mobile phone and tablet PC at the same time.


Number Of USB Ports

It is not right that the more usb ports are equiped, the better. When the total power is certain, more USB ports make no special contribution. Charging simultaneously will take more current away. Furthermore, the higher current of USB interface, the higher possibility of fever in usb module. In general, three USB interfaces are enough and two are the best.


Rated Power

This notion is not only related to usb plug, but also all sockets. If you need to use large appliances, you had better directly plug them into wall plug or pay attention to the rated power of the plugs. Higher rated power is better , otherwise it is very dangerous for you when using the large appliances.



If you are still uncertain about choosing a reliable USB plug. There is still one simple method. You can choose the usb plug with big brands. They will be safer.