A More Relaxing Exercise Way Can Be Achieved

2017-07-12 08:57:18 editor 83

Do you often do outdoor sports? Are you beset with the trouble that you do not know how to place some necessary gadgets and your phone? Obviously, many sports enthusiasts will be troubled by this problem. A bag or backpack is not ideal enough. So are you willing to try a running belt pouch or arm band case to solve the problem?


These two, which are pretty suitable for outdoor activities, have a lot of outstanding place. They have their own different functions. You can choose one according to your own situation.


Comparisons between the running belt pouch and arm band case.



The left arm band case and right running belt pouch has many things in common. These are also their advantages. Why it is safer when we running at night? Phosphor bar design is used and it can reflect car lighting.



Their designs are different but their main functions are the same. Mobile phone is primary. The capacity of the arm band case is not as large as the other one. Three pouches of the other one make it possible to accommodate mobile phone, credit cards, a tissue, some change and keys, etc.


Some customers once said that the belt is not long enough and the middle pouch is too small. Finally the design of the running belt pouch was improved. We also asked our customers to test the running belt pouch, namely he put it under the tap with watering flowing. The results prove that it is waterproof.


There is one particular advantage of the arm band case. It adopts touchable transparent soft rubber for people to answer calls directly when running. 

Arm band case and running belt pouch are two practical necessities for people who like doing outdoor sports. Do you allow them to give you a more relaxed exercise way? If you do, more detailed information can be gotten when you click here