Amazon Prime Week - UGREEN's Big Sale Is Waiting For You

2018-08-09 14:41:19 editor 185

Do you often go shopping on Amazon? If yes, do you know the breathtaking news on Amazon? Yes, Amazon Prime Day is coming. Just as its name implies, it is a day when Amazon is having a big sale only for Amazon primes. Thousands of goods will be sold at a discount in a certain range. 2017 is the third Amazon Prime Day. This sales promotion activity will last for nearly one week this year, so it can also be called Amazon Prime Week. 


Do you know how many companies produces computer and car peripherals, bluetooth devices, digital accessories ,intelligent charging products? Actually, Ugreen is at the top of the list. It began to sell its products in different sites on Amazon from 2014. If these products in Ugreen correspond with your needs, just catch the chance!


Here is the product exhibition room of UGREEN. Various products are displayed as we can see.


Now an epic week of deals on everything you're into is coming, are you ready?

Different Amazon sites are near at hand, pls choose one you want in the following.

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