Two Types Of Car Mount Holder Can Keep You Safer

2017-07-06 14:47:09 editor 139

Drivers’safety is what people worry about most. There are so many accidents every year. In some degree, it is smartphones’ distracting people that causes some of the accidents.

Telephone calls and route guidance on the smartphone may distract drivers when there is no phone holder. Then a tool to help drivers to concentrate on the road condition is needed. That is the car mount holder which can be placed on the air vent.

It is a simple accessory that is easy to use. There are two kinds, namely the magnetic kind and tensile type. The two kinds have many things in common. As it can be seen below.


There is no need to worry about the situation that whether the car mount holder will fall down. That's why? Both are separately equipped with special interior materials. Of course, they can be rotated from 0 to 360 degree. What does this mean? It means that you can put the smartphone in any direction as you like.

They can also be used as a desktop holder. When you do not need to use it in the car, it can be used as a desktop holder for you to watch films or play games and so on. It is a way to relax yourself after the busy working day. Sounds good!

Yes, apart from the common things, there are still some differences between them - their phone installation ways and interior materials. Two sheet irons are equiped with the magnetic car mount holder. You just need to stick the sheet iron on the phone case. As for tensile one, you just need to clamp it on the holder.


Are the simple operations and tiny feature attractive enough in your eyes? If your air vent is suitable,now you can choose a good partner for your phone and car. If both kinds are attractive to you. You can choose both to protect you or your family members when they are driving. For more information, pls click magnetic type or tensile type