Operation Instructions Of Ugreen USB Bluetooth Adapter

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Ugreen bluetooth adapter can let ordinary laptops be equiped with bluetooth function, which can make it easy to connect ordinary laptops with mobile phones, tablet, bluetooth headset etc. The bluetooth adapter uses CSR chip and 4.0 bluetooth protocol with the transmission speed being up to 3Mbps and transmission distance being up to 20 meters.

Now you have a general understanding of this bluetooth adapter, we will show you the driver installation and steps to connect the bluetooth equipment with your PC.

Installation Steps Of Ugreen USB 4.0 Bluetooth Adapter Driver

1. Plug this Ugreen bluetooth receiver to your laptop, then install driver. You will find the driver in the attached CD.


Or go to Ugreen official site, click Download/Driver and find Bluetooth Driver, then download.


2. Start installation by clicking the setup program, select language, then confirm the license agreement, turn on the Discovery and SCMS—T mode, Finish. Driver is ready to use.

Professional Cable/Charger/MFI Procuct Supplier-UGREEN Group Ltd

Professional Cable/Charger/MFI Procuct Supplier-UGREEN Group Ltd

Professional Cable/Charger/MFI Procuct Supplier-UGREEN Group Ltd

3. Pls restart your laptop before using. And if there's a build-in Bluetooth, please turn it off in this way, Setting→Bluetooth→Off.


Connect Bluetooth Mouse and Headset

1. Turn on your Bluetooth Mouse first and long press the paring button.


2. Then go to this PC, click My Bluetooth Devices.


3. Add devices, choose Keyboard/Mouse, find your mouse and double click.


4. And it's done, you can have more fun with your Bluetooth mouse as you like.


It's similar to connect Bluetooth headset as well. Long press your headset pairing button, go to your laptop, click Add devices, choose Audio and Video devices, find the one you want to connect, and click pair.

Same way to connect Bluetooth speaker/keyboard.

Connect Cellphone

Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, move to your laptop, click Add Devices, Phone, click your phone model. Click Pair on your phone, then you will get your phone connected.


You can just select what document you would like to send to laptop, long press it, click share, choose Bluetooth, find your laptop, click accept, and it's on your laptop within one second.


You can also send file to you phone. Right click the document, choose sent to bluetooth device, find your phone, accept on your phone, and it's progressing.

Professional Cable/Charger/MFI Procuct Supplier-UGREEN Group Ltd


The operations of Ugreen bluetooth adapter are very easy, right? It is worth having. If you are interested in this bluetooth adapter, more information can be achieved in Ugreen official website or Amanzon. Let us do it now!