Do You Need A Hard Drive Case (New Arrival) to Protect Them?

2018-08-09 15:15:01 editor 165

It is no doubt that everyone wants his all digital accessories be put in order, because they wanna take out one of the accessories easily when they need it. But most people will face a problem that they are accustomed to putting the accessories together after they using the accessories, especislly the data cables. Even if people do not put the digital accessories together, they need to look here and there to find out the data cables.

When you plan to travel or have a business trip, you want to take the power bank, key, hard disk and various cable lines that you need. Will you put them in one bag? Have you experienced that various cable lines tangled up? If yes, it is just a piece of cake now because Ugreen has designed a hard drive case for you to deal with this problem.


Is this hard drive case attractive enough? Do you wanna know more about it? Well, we will show you the functions and characters below.

1. Large Storage Capacity


You have smartphone, earphone, key, U disk, hard drive, data cable and so on. All of these small things can be packed into this hard drive case. The large storage capacity allows many small accessories to be packed into the case. Once you need to take your smartphone,key or any other small digital accessories, this hard drive case is enough!


It is a multifunctional bag. Because apart from these tiny accessories, it can contain a 2.5 inch HDD and power bank(at most 15x8 cm). At the same time, this hard drive bag can gives your hard drive more protection. Why more protection can be provided by it? The reason will be shown next.

2. Triple protection design


This hard drive bag is shockproof and durable because of its design. You can see the inner design clearly on the above picture. Elastic mesh isolution, elastic band and polyester shock pad give your HDD and other accessories triple protection. It is really great.

3. Shockproof and durable


It is shockproof and durable and it contains EVA material and infarctate double zipper.

4. Product size


The inner length and width are separatly 16cm and 8.7cm while the external length and width are 17.3cm and 10.3cm. Its height is 4.4cm. Of course, manual measurement may exist 1-3cm difference.

Environment-friendly material are used for this hard drive case which means that there is no harm to your health for longer use.

This kind of Ugreen hard drive case is really economic. It helps people solve the mess of the accessories and brings people more convenience and comfort. Does its exquisite design and environment-friendly character move you? If not, its other economic funtions must have aroused your feelings, right?

It is very easy to know more about Ugreen hard drive case. You can search it on Amanzon.Wish you can have a convenient and comfortable life after owning this product!