How To Let Your Smartphone Be A Handy High-Capacity PC

2017-07-01 09:40:11 editor 167

When it comes to taking a laptop along with you, a great deal of people will think it is troublesome even if asking them to take Apple ipad. Laptop makes our life more simple and colorful but it is not easy to take. Smartphone is tiny enough for us to take.So are there some accessories to expand the functions of smartphone like laptop? Yes, Ugreen OTG cable can do that. It can solve the functional limitations of our smartphone in various situations. We will show you how awesome it can be by using Ugreen OTG cable below.

1. Watch Films Or TV Series With No Wifi And Listen To Thousands Of Songs




When you wanna watch TV drama or films but the place where you are is in the state of being far away from wifi, you can use this OTG cable to connect your smartphone with U disk which has stored many films. Of course, you can also watch movies in U disk on TV with a big screen. That can be done by connecting MI box with U disk or rigid disk.Music will occupy the space of the phone in a certain degree but you have thousands of songs to listen to. Yes, now you can transfer all the memories into the U disk.

2. Play Games With A Mouse Or Gamepad In Smartphone


Playing games on smartphone with a mouse or gamepad will be fantastic. OTG cable can connect your smartphone with a mouse. And both wired or wireless mouse are ok. It is so fantastic, right? And you can also scan the web pages with a mouse in smartphone.

3. Typing With A Keyboard In Smartphone


We are used to holding the smartphone with your two hands all the time when sending messages to our friends. OTG cable is great when you wanna try a new and comfortable way to communicate with your friends. Of course, writing articles by using a keyboard in the smartphone is also a newfangled method. That will release your hands. Using keyboard or mouse will be more relaxed and comfortable.

4. Easy Transfer Of Documents


When you do not want to open your computer to store the documents and photos from your smartphone. OTG cable can help you at this time. You just need to connect your smartphone with U disk by using OTG cable. It will be in a fast speed. Considering that many people will not be willing to open the computer and waiting for tens of seconds and the only purpose is to transfer the documents and photos into the computer. Actually, the reaction and transmission speed of the computer are not very fast.

You need to take notice that these functions are only available with micro usb smartphone or tablet PC which are equiped with OTG protocol.In all, You can find the delights of this Ugreen OTG Cable which can expand the capacity of smartphone. That is why it lets your smartphone be a PC.