A Perfect Partner Of Apple Watch From UGREEN

2017-07-11 17:21:16 editor 152

Are you one of the apple watch fans around the world ? Actually it has aroused people’s attention around the world since its production release conference in 2014. There are many kinds of chargers to charge apple watch, but it is not easy to find one handy and tiny charger. Each company related to apple watch charger is always pursuing excellence, so does Ugreen. Compared with the unfoldable one, this Ugreen new design does give users a completely different taste. 


Office workers and traveler or those who are always on a business trip wanna release their hands. That is what this MFI certificated 20844 wireless charger designed for. (MFI Certified, PPID: 219693-0018)


Characters like these:

 1. Can be folded and easy to take

With small and exquisite characters, it also can be put into pocket or holded in hand easily like the original apple watch charger. 

 2. Same charging speed with the original one.

Even if you do not cut off the electricity supply when the power is full, it will not do harm to your apple watch.  

 3. Can be the temporary power bank for your iphone, smartphone or USB camera.

Equipped with four protections, it can also charge your apple watch and smartphone simultaneously.


Then, how to use it?  Well, the following steps can be referred to:

 1. The apple watch charger can be kept flat on table or rotated to almost 45 degrees.

 2. Press for 3 seconds to power on or off the charger.

     Press for 1 second to see the LED indicator which shows the remaining capacity.

 3. Put the apple watch on the wireless charger to charge the watch. Plug the USB connector into your iphone to charge your iphone. 

 4. You just need to plug the USB connector of charger into the wall charger or power bank to recharge it.


So, is this kind of charger attractive enough? If yes, pls search Ugreen apple watch wireless charger on Amazon, then it will be at your fingertips! This kind of Ugreen wireless apple watch charger is too easy to use. Why not try one to have a handy and simpler life? Do you agree with me? The magic of the charger is waiting for you to discover.