Annual UGREEN Group Outings

2014-07-14 20:00:49 ugreen 80

Dear Ugreen Partners,

How about your weekend?

Our whole office staff just got back to office from this exciting annual 2-Day outings. I have to say that it is still a little difficult for me to calm down and get my heart back to work. But I can not wait to sharing with you more details about this travel.

It took us 3 hours to get to our first destination--Longmen, which is famous for its steep hills and fast-flowing rivers. Air was extremely fresh adter a midday rain. You could feel the soft wind and hear the rhythm of running water. Time for rafting! Let's Go!

It was a thrilling journey. Screams and splashing water come to you from all directions when you weren't watching.

I was very proud of my partner, who is definitely a warrior who was always ready to fight. After a hearty dinner, we went to Longmen Hot Spring, which is rish in minerals, like Fe. Some ones just jumped into different pools, and enjoyed the relaxed time. Colleagues from different department had a swimming competiton. On the 2nd day, we headed to local Wetland Park, and tasted local food after confortable breakfast.

It was a good opportunity to forget work pressure and improve internal communication. Looking forward to our next annual outings.