Ugreen 2015 Tourism---Yangshuo, Guilin

2018-08-18 11:48:47 ugreen 170

"Guilin's scenery is the best in the world", Ugreen company has arranged the tourism to Yangshuo, Guilin from 7th August to 9th August, 2015.

Yangshou is popular for its incredible karst scenery, beautiful mountains, rivers, caves, and temples as well as laid back cafes and bars.

In this tourism, we have visited many famous sceneries, appreciating the enthusiasm of ethnic minority compatriots singing and dancing in the Butterfly Spring, sitting on the boat to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape of  Li River, taking a bamboo raft and enjoying a water fight, hanging out in the west street together, experiencing the magic of nature in Yingzi Cave ( it was China's fisrt large cavern 4),and viewing the Moon Hill scenery in Yangshuo miles gallery.

All Ugreen colleagues enjoyed and relaxed in this tourism, and we are expecting for the next tourism……