Will Facial Recognition End Fingerprint Identification?

2017-10-19 17:57:21 editor 399

Face ID is used to unlock iPhone X, which makes people be familiar with facial recognition technology. However, the fingerprint sensor is still the standard equipment of smartphones. And competition between fingerprint sensor suppliers is increasingly fierce when the Chinese manufacturers join in. It is rumoured that the quotation of some fingerprint sensor supplier quotes have been reduced to $ 1.5, while the price of the fingerprint identification module in 2014 remained more than $ 10.  



In 2015, global shipments of smart terminal fingerprint identification chip reached 478 million whose market sales reached $2 billion 110 million. It is expected that by 2018, shipment will reach 1 billion 199 million while sales will reach $3 billion 70 million. That benefits the fingerprint recognition module chip manufacturers, vendors and fingerprint recognition solutions providers.



AuntheTec, established in 1998, is the world's largest press-type fingerprint sensor supplier with the best technology. In fact, in 2012, AuthenTec’s annual sales reached 70 million US dollars, with more than 200 patents and 230 employees. Its customers include Alcatel - Lucent, Cisco, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Nokia, etc.



In 2011, AuthenTec developed a new technology for fingerprint recognition,"TruePrint", based on capacitance and radio frequency identification.  


In 2012, Apple acquired AuntheTec was purchased by Apple. AuthenTec becomes the world's largest supplier of semiconductor fingerprint identification sensors, Apple's TouchID comes from AuthenTec’s technology. No technology or products of AuthenTec can be got in the market, which are only provided to Apple.



Currently, it is the world's largest supplier of the pressure sensor (excluding algorithms and algorithm chip) from Swedish, except for AuthenTec. Because AuthenTec only provides products and technology for Apple, FPC, whose fingerprint recognition is widely used in Android mobile phone, has become popular with“non-Apple”manufacturers.


Basically dependent on the Chinese market, its fingerprint recognition sensors are used by most Chinese mobile phones manufacturers.



Its first foray into the fingerprint identification industry has begun since it purchased Validity in October 2013. The present fingerprint identification sensors are mainly focused on scratch (sliding collection), which is not as convenient as the pressure sensor.



And it mainly provides its fingerprint sensor with Samsung, China’s Lenovo, ZTE and so on also use Synaptics’ fingerprint identification sensors.


AuthenTec is owned by Apple while the Swedish FPC, Synaptics, Goodix occupy the  Android mobile phone market. It is said that in 2016 the four manufacturers shared more than 90% of the market.



The three international manufacturers occupy the majority of the global fingerprint chip market, but what is still worth mentioning are Goodix and Chipsailing, among which Goodix has got a place by virtue of technology and cost advantages since it approaches fingerprint identification market in 2013.



Founded in 2015, Chipsailing developed fingerprint products featuring the world's fastest speed of unlocking. According to reports, fingerprint products from Chipsailing has a prominent advantage in unlocking speed, cover penetration, low power consumption, safety indicators and ESD performance. 


Do you still remember the recently-launched product that can achieve fingerprint unlock within 0.12s? With excellent and reliable product performance and comprehensive advantages, it has become a fingerprint chip supplier of a host of well-known mobile phone manufacturers.


At present, the chip manufacturers are preparing all the time. Although the basic pattern of the market has formed, whether facial recognition affects this technology is still uncertain. Somehow or other, the future market is worth being waited!

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