It Greatly Enables Us To Be Free From Charging Cables

2017-10-14 09:16:04 editor 352

Nowadays wireless charging technology is familiar to us, which is supported by most of us. iPhone series that were released last month also enable wireless charging.


Indeed, wireless charging facilitates people for we can charge the phone in an easy way and just need to put the smartphone on the wireless charger when we are working. Then we can do something else while the smartphone is charging. Yes, it helps us deal with the problem of line. At the same time, the security risks are solved when we charge the smartphone while playing it.


And when we use the wireless charger, we need to pay attention:

1. The smartphone needs to support Qi protocol.

2. If the smartphone does not support the wireless charging protocol, you need to equip the corresponding wireless charging receiver.



Wireless charge technology is also divided into the ordinary kind and wireless quick charge in the aspects of charging speed. Whether the smartphone can support quick charging is decided by both the smartphone and the charge head. Quick charging can be achieved by QC 2.0 / 3.0 charge head. Take this wireless charger and the QC charge head as an example. Smartphones featuring Qi standard can achieve fast charging speed.



This round and exquisite wireless charger looks like a “mirror” actually. It can also be held with one hand.



Now we can plug it in a USB cable with power source connect-in. LED light will flash for three times in three colors.


Then it will be in blue always-on mode when the Samsung S7 with 87% power left can be put on the charger. We need to pay attention that the display screen of the smartphone should be upward. Otherwise, the LED light will be on flash mode.



Well, it took half an hour or so charging the smartphone full. As we all know, the charging speed is fast at the beginning and then it will slow down finally. That is why it took nearly half an hour.


After the Samsung S7 edge is fully charged, there are still 10 to 20 minutes for the LED light to turn to green mode.



Of course, it nearly takes 3.5 hours to make the Samsung S7 full charged in QC mode. What is favored by people when using this wireless charger are that it is safer and we do not need to turn on the light to check the USB port when we want to charge the smartphone in bed.


Is the wireless charging technology or the traditional one is favored by you? Or the two different types can play their roles in various situations? If both have equal shares in the future, the wireless charging technology will also be more mature. Right? The Ugreen wireless charger is here for your reference.