All Screen iPads May Be Released In 2018

2017-10-12 10:42:02 editor 248

Apple released its all screen iPhone X some time ago. All screen smartphones are increasing in 2017, meaning we can usher in an era of all screen smartphones. As a leading source in counterparts, Apple also intends to apply the all screen design into iPad, in addition to the iPhone X. Well, this kind of rumor has been spread for some time while the other rumor tells us that Apple would release a kind of iPad without a home button.


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The difficulty of using all screen design to iPad is lower, compared with its similar products. But for Apple, applying Face ID or Touch ID is what they need to consider.


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Two new flagship Tablet PCs, 10.5 -inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros, were released in June this year. If the cycle of upgrading products is nearly the same, we will be able to witness a new generation of iPad Pro in June 2018.


Of course, it will take a longer time upgrading the iPad Pro series than expected. But according to rumors, we can generally understand the development of its important technology, such as the display screen.


OLED Display Screen

Considering that this year's new iPhone X is expected to use the OLED screen technology, a host of people generally believe that this will also be applied to the next generation iPad Pro.


Although the current LCD display equipped with iPad Pro is top-notch, the image quality will be improved further once OLED technology is used. Then faster response time, and higher display refresh rate, superior color accuracy and excellent brightness can also be achieved. If those are true, 2018 iPad Pro is really expected.


The display screen of iPad Pro is larger than iPhone series. And ProMotion technology is not equipped with iPhone X, which may be caused by technology problems. It seems that Apple will not be willing to remove ProMotion technology because of Apple Pencil. There will be a higher cost and technology requirement.


All Screen smartphones are becoming popular in 2017. It is a new try for Apple to produce a new iPad featuring all screen design. Whether Face ID or Touch ID will be used remains to be seen.