Major Changes Of iPhones In Ten Years

2017-09-20 09:04:24 editor 127

The recent past Apple’s launch event tells us that iPhones are beloved by people for ten years. This year is the 10th anniversary of iPhones. How did iPhone attract us and change the way we treated smartphone step by step? Let us look back.


2007: The first iPhone


Email, mobile call, short message service, web browsing and other wireless communication services were available by the first iPhone. Touch panel with multitouch was also applied. Well, the first iPhone was not an unprecedented new product, which could be regarded as a combination of technologies at that time.


Some media made a variety of reviews on the first iPhone in 2007. After the launch event of the iPhone, consumers continued to argue whether a touch keyboard is a mistake.


2008: iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G.jpg

The internal structure of the iPhone 3G was similar to that of the previous one. But some modules, such as the 3G network, App Store and GPS tracking were added.


2009: iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS.jpg

In addition to the improvement on pixels, some camera features, such as autofocus function, video recording and so on, were also equipped with iPhone 3GS. Apple also made a step forward GPU.


2010: iPhone 4

iPhone 4.jpg

Front camera and Facetime video call function were increased in this redesigned iPhone 4. Display resolution was also improved. However, there were some problems with iPhone 4 signal, which was complained by most consumers.


2011: iPhone 4s

iPhone 4s.jpg

This year marked the birth of Siri - the voice-controlled digital assistant. At the beginning, only English, French and German were supported. But the available languages are added with each passing day.


2012: iPhone 5

iPhone 5.jpg

This thinner and lighter iPhone was the last one that Steve Jobs could participate in this project, body design compared to the previous products. A new design Lightning double-sided 8-pin interface was used to replace the previous 30-pin interface. There is no need to distinguish positive and negative sides because both are the same.


2013: iPhone 5c/5s

iPhone 5c 5s.jpg

iPhone 5C, which colorful and cheaper, are equipped with five colors, namely red, blue, yellow, green and white. Well, the feature of iPhone 5S is the combination of Home button and fingerprint scanner. And space gray, silver, and gold are available.


2014: iPhone 6/6 Plus

iPhone 6.jpg

This was the first time that Apple made an iPhone with a large display whose size was over 4 inch. 4.7-inch screen was applied to iPhone 6 featuring NFC chip mainly for Apple Pay while iPhone 6 Plus used 5.5-inch display.


2015: iPhone 6s /6s Plus

iPhone 6s.jpg

Yeah, 3D Touch is the most important feature of iPhone 6s.


2016: iPhone 7/7 Plus

iPhone 7.jpg

The traditional 3.5mm TRS connector was removed.


2017: iPhone 8/8 Plus/X

iPhone 8  X.png

iPhone 8 has Qi standard wireless charging and IP67 waterproof function are applied to this year's iPhones. And AR game is also added to iPhone 8.


Virtual home button, 2436 x 1125 resolution ratio, Animoji, improved TrueDepth Camera are attractive enough to people. Of course, face ID is also a great new application. Will iPhone X lure people away from iPhone 8?


As we can see, technologies that are applied to Apple are more advanced than before. Some difficulties are also met by it, but Apple overcomes. For the vast majority of people, iPhones are not as wonderful as before. But we can not deny that these technologies are new for iPhone or even in this industry.


How will the iPhone look like in the next year? Will it make great progress compared with the previous iPhones? That can be clear in 2018!