6 Desired Incredible Functions Of Future iPhone

2017-09-16 10:03:59 editor 79

Whether iPhone 8 and iPhone X give most people a big surprise is still unknown. But we can be sure that most of the features of new iPhones shown at the release conference are what we had been heard about previously.

Yes, there is a lively discussion between face ID and touch ID. People seem to have been familiar with touch ID, so maybe it needs some time to be accustomed to this new technology. Will face ID transcend touch ID? Or both have equal shares?

As we can see, there are some changes of iPhone 8, compared with iPhone 7. And will next-generation iPhone expand more higher-grade new functions listed below on the basis of the possible existing new functions or some technologies iPhones never apply before? That is still uncertain. But they can be taken into consideration.

The following functions will perhaps in the future that are not applied to iPhone 8.


6 Desired New Functions For iPhones

●8K resolution

iPhone 8's cameras support "4K" which means that Apple enters 4K times. In the aspect of resolution, Apple is unable to keep pace with Netflix and Amazon who supported "4K60Video" some years back.

The 4k application is a tough problem for iPhone but the technology will never stop its pace forward. Hope Apple does all it can to catch up with those who transcend it in resolution. Maybe 8K technology can be achieved in recent years, which may also be applied to live broadcast of the 2020 Olympic Games.


●Be Equal to Professional SLR camera

iPhone 8 will help us take high-quality photos in a simple way. The improvements on photo taking can be obviously seen by us. But at present technology gap between iPhone and SLR camera is obvious. We can still place hopes on its improvement on cell phone camera. If one day this can be achieved, there will be no need for us to take a heavy SLR camera when traveling.


●4D Touch 

3D touch is known for us now but we can still be confident of the 4D touch technology. But a new technology (4D touch) which seems more superior with richer functions than 3D touch is worth waiting. Or Huawei may be the first to get its 4D touch patent. Will Apple follows Huawei closely? That may also be told in the near future.


●Virtual SIM card

What does virtual SIM card mean? It means discarding your SIM card that has been plugged into your iPhones. Maybe in the future, we just need to input our phone numbers in “setting”, or even 2 or 3 phone numbers can be used at the same time without occupying the space.


●Solar power charging

In the future, with the application of solar power charging technology, we just need to put iPhone under the sun, even if the glass is above it. It is totally different from the solar power charger with different qualities. This technology may achieve fast charging and longer battery life. Then it will never mind if the charger is left at home only if the sun is available.


●Comfortable reading mode

Most people prefer reading on smartphones than on books, which will do harm to eyes. But that can be avoided if the reading mode is as excellent as Kindle which can protect people's eyes forcefully. Yes, if this can also be achieved on iPhone, people can read for a long time without being tired.

Its user experience may become better if new requirements appear. Are there any new functions that are expected by you? You can imagine them and look forward to their realizations soon!