Core NFC Of iPhone 8/X May Greatly Facilitate People' s lives

2017-09-15 11:28:25 editor 178

Apart from three new iPhones, Apple also showed its official version of iOS 11, which will be officially released on September 19, to people at the release conference.


We need to notice that a variety of useful functions are added to iOS 11, among which Core NFC, as a new framework in iOS 11, allows applications to detect labels that support NFC.


Actually, NFC has been widely applied to Android phones while Apple's NFC is always limited to Apple Pay. Well, we can believe that with the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, applications of NFC in iOS 11 will be much wider than ever.


When it comes to NFC, its wide applications in daily life can not be avoided. It can be said that you do not need to carry various cards with you because a smartphone with NFC function is ok.


Touch and Confirm 

That is what people like most. When you need to pay a bill at a restaurant, in a shopping mall or a supermarket, just take out your smartphone. And if you want to take the subway or bus, you can also use the NFC function.


Touch and Go

Yes, it can be applied in a door access control system in your community. Locking and unlocking your cars or bikes, clocking on and clock ing off duty in the company also become popular nowadays. Only if there are corresponding identifying codes in our smartphones, these can be achieved.


Touch and Connect

Downloading music, transferring pictures, and so on seem not attractive enough, which can also be done by Bluetooth.


Touch and Explore

Put your smartphone with NFC function close to communal facilities, then you can scan various information about the traffic and weather.


Actually, application areas of NFC are far more than that.


Anti-fake measures are constantly improved related to red wine. Of course, some domaines has begun to use NFC technology to help them deal with this problem. With the built-in NFC label in the package, people can check whether this wine is genuine via a smartphone with NFC function. This function will also facilitate people to manage the stock because they can track and check the goods.


Considering the cost of an NFC label, it is more suitable to apply it in some high-priced goods or luxuries because there is no need to consider the cost.

Hope Core NFC of iOS 11 will give us a surprise like the above applications.


In fact, NFC technology has been gradually developed in recent years, methods to prevent potential security problems will be developed as it gets people's attention now. As for practical applications, we should believe that NFC will become a great partner of people, just like the smartphones!