So Coveted Apple Watch Series 3 Featuring Cellular

2017-09-15 11:20:26 editor 170

Apple Watch Series 3 was also revealed along with iPhone 8 in the release conference. What wins people's hearts is surely the cellular.


Apple Watch Series 3 has cellular built-in, meaning calling someone, surfing the Internet and listening to music are available now without iPhone. Once you have this new Apple watch, you can have 40 million songs on your wrist. Sounds so great!


Siri, so familiar to us, is also applied to this Apple watch. Now you can call Siri to find out the song you wanna listen to.



A new dual-core processor, delivering up to 70% faster, permits Siri to be quicker than ever. What's more, Siri can talk, which means that with AirPods there is no need for you to look at the watch screen when you ask Siri a question.


There is no big difference in size between Apple Watch Series 3 and the previous ones even though the cellular is added. You can wear this Apple Watch Series 3 on your wrist when you are swimming. Yes, it is waterproof.


This new Apple Watch Series 3 comes with gold aluminum finish, space gray and silver as the above image shows.  A ceramic watch in gray may also attract many people's attention as expected.


Well, a variety of cases and bands are also available according to your own preferences.






There are two versions of Apple Watch Series 3, one with cellular and the other without cellular, whose prices are separately from $399 and $299. Two versions' pre-order will be September 15th and availability will be September 22nd. LTE version will be sold in 8 countries while the other kind will be sold in 26 countries.  


This Apple Watch Series 3 is really attractive enough, especially for those sports enthusiasts. You can swim and run without an iPhone.


But that excellent Apple Watch Series 3 need to find a partner- Apple Watch charger- to satisfy its users. No matter if you want to swim, be out for a jog, travel, go climbing, have a business trip, this space-saving and portable power bank can facilitate your activities.



Finally, this power bank's detailed review on 9to5mac is for your reference.