Embarrassing: My Girlfriend Posed For Photos But Failed By This Smartphone

2018-09-01 09:00:23 editor 186

It was a nice day for us to go out for travel. I like taking photos with her and she loves posing very much. On that day, I travelled with her. Walking on a clean enough street with the sun shining on her beautiful face and a gentle breeze is blowing. Yes, it was the time for I to take photos to record this happy moment.


But this failed because of the insufficient space of the smartphone. Looks so embarrassing! I would not take a laptop to which I can transfer the photos, nor could I ask net disk for help which should be done with the internet available.


What should I do? If you were me, how to deal with this embarrassing moment? I hope this will not happen again!


Actually, a perfect solution,the plug and play flash drive, to address this problem has been found. But how does it resolve the problem? That is a piece of cake just like the following operation!


General view

This flash drive is only available with Android smartphone featuring OTG function. Obviously, we will be attracted by its tiny size. Look, it is about half size of my index finger. Here is a 16GB flash drive with dual connectors which are separately suitable for smartphones with micro USB and tablets with USB A.



No driver needed on smartphone

This plug and play Android flash drive gives 16GB to your smartphone. Before using this little gadget, you need to confirm that your OTG function has been opened. This flash drive is perfect for Android smartphones featuring OTG function.



Plug the flash drive into the smartphone and then you can see "OTG has connected". Just click it. Yes, now the space of the smartphone is clear enough. Maybe you are curious about the OTG space that the image shows. It is not 16GB! Do not worry about this because the differences are caused by the computational methods. Actually, they are the same.


This flash drive helps us to extend the space of the smartphone, which can be seen obviously above. That means we do not need to be anxious about the space and you can choose 32GB or 64GB as you like.


Mutual file transmission

I tried to take photos with flash drive plugging in the smartphone only to be found that the photos can not be stored on the flash drive. That’s why? Apple flash drive can store photos in it while we taking photos.


It is easy to understand actually. Apple flash drive is equipped with this function just because an APP needs to be installed in iPhone while the android flash drive is plug and play and its save path can not be changed.


So how to transfer files from smartphone to the flash drive? For example, you can choose a picture (or more) in your smartphone and then click copy it (or them). Paste it in your flash drive paper file. Of course, it is far more than the images. You can try other files, too.

4 5.jpg


Why do we need this flash drive?

When you are on a business trip or going to travel and your smartphone can not store so many films for you to kill time, this can really help you on the long trip. Watch whatever films you like that has been stored on the flash drive.



There is one problem you need to consider that if you wanna travel but no camera is available. What is worse, you like taking photos and the space of your smartphone is not enough. What should you do? This flash drive can do you a favor.


Do you often forget to take a flash drive with you when you go to work? It is highly embarrassing when you need it. So this tiny and exquisite flash drive may deserve to be called “savior” with its swivel snap design that can facilitate people.



Its operation on the tablet can be much easier, which is not shown here. The mini and thin shape is also its feature. waterproof, shock - resistant and dust-proof are supported by its zinc alloy case.


If this flash drive catches your eye, you can search it on Amazon. Of course, Apple flash drive is always waiting for you if you are iPhone users! Would you like to try this little gadget?