Why Was Apple Taken to Court Again?

2018-08-09 14:25:29 editor 342

When Apple's launch event is approaching, it was taken to court on August 28 by Pisen, claiming a compensation for economic loss of 1 yuan from Apple because Apple is suspected of being involved in monopolizing MFi certification.


What is MFi certification?

Apple Inc.'s MFi Program ("Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad") is a licensing program for developers of hardware and software peripherals that work with Apple's iPod, iPad and iPhone.


Pisen, as China's largest manufacturer of accessories, still can not get MFi certification, which is strange enough because it seems very easy for it to meet the requirements of MFI certification.


Pisen said that it has repeatedly applied for MFi certification, but all of them were refused by Apple without any reason. At the same time, it also said that Apple even lodged a complaint against Pisen's flagship stores and authorized online stores with a number of electricity business platforms, which resulted in accessories'  being withdraw from sale and limited the fair competition opportunities.


When it comes to Pisen's bringing a suit against Apple, some people think that Apple's original and certified products are too expensive but third-party data line manufacturers meet a lot of users' needs; while others believe that the quality of data lines without MFi certification will be difficult to be guaranteed.


We are not sure that the quality of Apple accessories without MFi certification is not reliable. However, many of the data line manufacturers only take charging into consideration, regardless of the battery loss, charging speed and so on.


Last year, Apple purchased 100 iPhone accessories that are marked "original authentic" in the Amazon American platform, 90% of which were found to be knockoffs and fakes by Apple. Subsequently, Apple took Mobile Star into court.


The Apple customer service staff said that pirated data lines may cause damage to the battery. What’s worse, the possibility of explosion can not be excluded. So Apple's official accessories are recommended. And quality problems of those fakes also can not be avoided, such as products’burning hot, leakage of electricity, smoking, catching fire and so on. In the indictment, Apple enumerated a case of a counterfeit charger in the form of a review:



However, Pisen holds an idea that the quality of wire mainly depends on the material, technology, durability, transmission stability, etc., meaning it is not decided by the MFi certification. The safety and durability level of the same data line are the same whether it has got MFi certification or not. Pisen claimed that data cables are only transmission channels for data and current, which are less technically inclined and means that the MFi compulsory certification is just a superfluous toll station set up on the channel.


There has been a bit of debate regarding MFi certification. It is said that for products applying for MFi certification, two certifications process will be carried out, namely AGS and OTA certification, whose cost is separately about 580 dollars and 1,500 dollars.


A chip, whose cost is about 2.1 dollars, will be inserted in each MFi certificated data lines. In addition, Apple will get 20% to 25% of the share once an authorized accessory is sold. Even if it does, whether this matter belongs to the monopoly is still difficult to finalize, which will be announced by the court.


But what we can still believe is that since the “Mobile Star incident,”Amazon are much stricter for the sellers on its platform, who permits MFi certified accessories in sales, such as lightning cable. Ugreen, who has got MFi certification, also opens its online stores in the Amazon platform.



In addition, as the Apple data line uses environmentally friendly materials, which is more likely to break, this data line protector is perfect to effectively protect the data line and prolong the data line life.



The quality and the price of the product are customers' chief concern. Will you buy accessories without MFi certification? Or will you only buy them at Apple's flagship store?


Finally in this case, if Pisen wins, will it influence the price of MFi certified Apple accessories in China? If Apple wins, how will everything go on?