Will iPhone 8 New Functions Correspond With Your Expectations?

2017-09-01 10:42:19 editor 156

Despite being much more expensive than any other iPhones, iPhone 8 has still got much attention since recent months. And these may not be stopped until September 12 because the latest rumours suggest that the iPhone 8 will be unveiled on that day.


Three new types, namely iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus as well as iPhone 8, will be presented, among which iPhone 8 is thought to be best-in-class because of its “10th-anniversary” role.


iPhone 8 rumours of its most favoured new functions are partly assembled below:

●Edge-to-edge OLED display

●Virtual home button

●Touch ID replaced by Facial recognition

●Wireless charging

●USB-C port

●AR function

●iOS 11

Virtual home button gives more space to the edge-to-edge OLED display and the larger screen are realized with the help of the virtual home button to a large extent.

Apple manifests much interest in AR, which is indeed helpful in daily life with 3D laser may playing an important role in this aspect. So it is a great possibility for Apple to integrate AR technology into iPhone 8. This strong AR technology will perhaps greatly help iPhone 8 be distinctive from other iPhones. Imagine that you just need to take a photo of the restaurant, it can tell you the popular dishes and user evaluations. It will fast help you to know what is favoured by most people and there is no need to check in apps or the internet.


Wireless charging also facilitates people's lives but the wireless charger may not be equipped together with iPhone 8. Of course, debates between USB-C port and lightning port never stop which be clearly seen in September.

Touch ID may also be replaced by facial recognition which can still recognize your face at night. Or payment can be achieved through facial recognition technology but we can not be sure whether this is safe and convenient enough.

The above features are almost believed to be applied in iPhone 8. The collected new functions as well as many other attractive funtions are practical enough. And whether these will be used to equip iPhone 8 is still unproven, which may be known on the release conference on September 12.