Have You Made Full Use Of“USB On-The-Go”?

2017-08-31 16:09:58 editor 134

With the diversification of smartphones' functions, users' demands for mobile phone memory is also increasing. A variety of photos, music, videos, apps and so on are accumulated with each passing day.


When these applications almost occupy the phone memory, slow running, flashback, system halted and so on may appear, which lures people to buy smartphones with large memory. However, it may cost much money when the system updates into a higher level. In fact, mobile phone itself is equipped with a function that will save its insufficient memory, namely the USB On-The-Go function.


Your smartphone can achieve data transmission while connecting to many devices, which greatly facilitates our daily life. So let us know more about the USB On-The-Go function.


What is USB On-The-Go?

USB OTG or OTG is the abbreviation of USB On-The-Go. Products with this feature allow devices, which act as the host, connect to other peripheral devices to achieve data transmission. Previously, the cell phone without no OTG function was used as a USB peripheral to transfer data with the computer. It also can not be connected to the printer, because it is the same with the cell phones as A USB accessory. But now OTG function directly address this issue.


Standard USB adopts a master/slave architecture. Host-peripheral role swapping can be achieved between devices, which means that the roles of the same device can be different. Whether it is a USB host or USB device totally depends on which end of the OTG cable it connects to. For example, a USB printer usually acts as a slave device. But if you plug a flash drive including images into the printer’s USB port without a computer, that will allow the printer to act as a host to read the data from the flash drive and print images from it with the help of OTG function.


Of course, USB OTG can also be realized while the USB hub is used. But host-peripheral role swapping is only available when two OTG devices are directly connected (one-to-one connection).


Let us take the cell phone as an example, OTG function permits cell phones and tablets to connect to flash drive, card reader, digital camera, keyboard, printer and even the mouse, which is totally plug-and-play.



OTG function can not only save smartphones' insufficient memory but also rich our daily life by giving us many surprises when we are playing our smartphones. If we want to make full use of OTG function, we also need some gadgets and our smartphones ought to support OTG function.


OTG data line

This is the headmost OTG cell phone gadget in the market. One side connects to your smartphones/tablets while the other side can be connected to flash drive, mouse, keyboard and gamepad. Videos, music and photos can be stored in the flash. It means you can watch movies without the internet anytime if you want.


Typing and interface operation can become easier when cell phones/tablets connect to the keyboard or mouse. Games will be more exciting by using a gamepad. Two cell phones can achieve data transmission directly via OTG data line. It can also charge the cell phone that runs out of juice.



OTG card reader

Various memory cards can be read directly by cell phones and tablets with this multifunctional OTG card reader, which can release the internal storage. In addition, after you take photos, they can be transmitted to your smartphone, which allows you to share photos with your friends immediately without a computer.


What's more, some multifunctional OTG card reader with USB port can read flash drive as well as connect to the keyboard, mouse and so on.



Whether OTG function is available on our smartphone?

Nowadays OTG function is a necessary of smartphones, which is also supported by most Android phones. If you are not certain about this, you can go to the cell phone official website to check the relevant parameters, among which it will be noted. Of course, there is also one way. You can search your smartphone. Click “settings” then find out “more settings”. You can see the choice of “OTG” just like the picture shows.