Hidden Danger Settlement While Charging Smartphones In The Office

2017-08-30 18:02:59 editor 119

For people who work in the office, charging the smartphone is a necessary in the office, but two mistakes can not be avoided by most people. They will charge the smartphones with computer's USB ports, or their data lines will often be dropped to the ground, which will fearfully damage the data lines.


Disadvantages while charging smartphones with computer USB ports

Charging speed and battery lifetime

When our smartphones are being charged, it will charge the smartphone fast, then  trickle charging will be adopted. We can regard the battery as a bottle. When it is filled with stones, we still need to fill it with water, which is really full of electricity.


However there is no section of "filling water in the bottle" when our smartphones are charged in the computer USB. Because the current of computer USB port is only 0.5A, which will not only make the charge speed slow, but also result in battery heating or fast power consumption.


In addition, when the computer sometimes reads and writes hard drives or watch movies, softwares need to be run and it will cause great fluctuations to the USB current input if CPU or graphics card works, which will eventually result in damage on mobile phone electroplax and shorten the battery life.



The best way, of course, is to charge the smartphone with charger. Although  many limitations will be occur in the office, there is actually no need to worry about this.


Lack of jacks - power strip helps

What should be paid much attention to is that under the desk where space is restricted and cables are messy enough, which will be more dangerous if power strip is also used. So we had better choose a power strip whose jacks have independent switchs which can be switched off while they are not being used.


Not long enough data cable-USB extension cable

Do you know what this is? Actually, it is a USB data cable male to female that can solve the difficulties when data cables are not long enough.


Matching USB extension cables can be chosen according to the transmission broadband of the data cable. For example, your USB3.0 data cable will be perfect with USB3.0 extension cable, which can be compatible with the data cable and guarantee transmission speed.


In addition,  when we need to plug U disk, mouse, keyboard, camera or other equipment into the computer USB port, stoop can be avoided and plug and play function can be achieved, which means that multiple usages can be realized with one data cable.


What will happen when the data cable falls on the ground?

Many of you may complain about that your data calbe is not durable enough. Contact miss and joint crack are common, which is actually be caused by your bad using habits.


Data cable's falling on the ground is ordinary, but if it is stepped by you or pressed by the chair, which will make it easier for the data line to damage. What's worse, if the smartphone is charged while the connector of the data cable is not well, repeated disconnection and connection cases will appear. The battery or smartphone electric circuit will be damaged over time.




Hook and loop wraps fastener

This kind of hook and loop wraps fastener is especially used to deal with various computer cables, data lines and audio lines. The amount of the cables it fastens is decided by yourself, and it can be used repeatedly without hurting smartphones with its soft material.


The messy cables can be solved when it is applied no matter if you want to use it to deal with the computer cables or your smartphone data cables.


Cable clips holder

If the hook and loop wraps fastener is still too much troublesome in your eyes, this cable clips holder maybe in favor with you. Headset line or power cords can be nipped. It can be fixed on the cable clips holder when it not be used and it can also be reached on the desktop at any time, the data line can be forcefully protected with this tiny and beautiful gadget.


With these solutions, charging smartphones safely in the office and protecting your data lines can be easily realized now. So would you like to have a try?