Amplify One VGA Signal On Other Displays

2017-08-25 17:03:49 editor 154

What is convincing enough is that VGA splitters occupy an important position on various occasions. In brief, allocating VGA signal into many other displays is what VGA splitters do.



If you want to watch films and play games on a big screen as well as have a meeting with PPT, the VGA splitter, whose applications are far more than that, works by a massive margin.


Here are its features for your reference:


Only mirror mode available

This VGA splitter is mainly used to achieve allocation function, which permits single video input and multiple video output. Its only supporting mirror mode tells us that it can transfer one source device to two other displays or projectors.



Plug and play & High resolution

This plug and play VGA splitter supports high resolution up to 1920x1440 60Hz on your screen, which allows you to watch films and play games on a big and clearer TV display at home. Of course, backward resolutions are also a piece of cake. Someone may worry about the image quality, which can be totally settled now with its so high resolution. As you can see, double image or other problems can be avoided. Home theatre can be enjoyed at the moment!



Long distance transmission & Power supply

Yes, signal transmission can also be achieved in 82ft distance because of this VGA splitter’s signal strengthen module. Now in normal, distance is not a problem anymore. You may wonder if the splitter’s power supply is enough. Actually, there is no need to worry about this because 95% of the devices do not need additional power supply while the rest 5% can be supported by the micro USB port as the image shows.


Great compatibility & DDC function

There is no wonder that it is compatible with all VGA computers and displays. One of the two output ports supports DDC function, which makes it possible that the splitter can identify the resolution of your monitor and then adjust the resolution into a proper value automatically for your experience. You may notice the other port which does not support this function.



Simple-style VGA splitter is equipped with a LED indicator light beside the micro USB, through which we can know its working status. ABS material makes it heat resisting and fire-proof. Thickened nickel-plated ports mean frequent plugging and unplugging is out of the question.


Its extensive applications make us know that it is really useful in our daily life. If you really need to play games or watch movies on the big and clearer screen, or if you wanna have a meeting where several big displays are needed, this is actually a perfect solution for you.