Why Shouldn't Shutterbug Miss This Tiny USB Card Reader?

2017-08-24 09:19:48 editor 127

If you like taking photos while travelling and photos stored on the cell phone or camera need to be copied into the tablet, or documents need to be transmitted into the laptop over your business trip, that's exactly what the card reader is going to do.


Combination for MacBook

If photos or documents are scanned via MacBook, this is really great. What's more, two cards(tf/sd) can be read simultaneously, which means that you do not need to plug or pull out the card over and over when the card reader can only recognize one card each time.


Combination for desktop computer

Actually, card reader with a line is more convenient than that without a line. If it needs to be used on a desktop computer, there is no need for us to plug and pull out the USB port frequently, which can protect the USB ports on the host. Of course, as we can imagine, the card reader with USB port may give us some trouble when being used if we need to use the other nearby USB port on the tablet. That is why the card reader with a line is recommended.


It is small but is equipped with strong functions:


Support memory card with 256G

USB 3.0, with more power supply, can support 256G memory card. So you do not need to worry that it can not read the high-capacity memory card.


Strong compatibility

Dual-slot card reader can read various tf or sd cards without hassle. TF and SD are marked beside the slot for your reference. Of course, it supports many devices as we can see below.


Super speed

The transmission speed of USB 3.0 is much faster than that of USB 2.0 (over 10 times faster). Indeed, it is not only equipped with fast transmission speed but also is small enough that can be held in your hand.


No matter if you often travel or have a business trip, the documents and photos can be copied into your tablet at any time with this tiny accessory. It gives you a convenient and simple way. You deserve it!